Quiet quitting: The workplace trend taking over the internet

Quiet quitting: The workplace trend taking over the internet

Imagine a workplace culture where doing what your job description says is considered enough. No more going above and beyond, trying to impress the boss.

Despite the name, it actually has nothing to do with quitting your job. It is the trend of employees choosing to not go above and beyond their jobs in ways that include refusing to answer emails during evenings or weekends or skipping extra assignments that fall outside their core duties is catching on, especially among millennials and gen Z. 

The term "quiet quitting" has taken off recently after American TikToker posted a video on it that went viral, saying "work is not your life". For many companies, a workforce that is willing to go beyond the call of duty is a critical competitive advantage. The reality is that most jobs can’t be fully defined in a formal job description or contract, so organizations rely on employees to step up to meet extra demands as needed.

Quiet quitting can be beneficial in terms of providing more time for employees to pursue what they like. The employee may be able to think more outside the box, feel more refreshed and become more efficient in the hours they are working. Quiet quitting for some time may help employees to refocus on their needs outside of work and hopefully lead them towards recovering from their burnout and getting clear on their needs and boundaries within the workplace moving forward. 

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