Barbie is a part of every young girl's childhood. From the Barbie movies to the dolls to the many shows since its inception on March 9, 1959, the doll became a household brand and a staple in all our childhood memories. It seems like now Barbie is coming back more unexpectedly. This year, we see Barbie become more relevant than ever.

A few factors make up the iconic Barbie; the long blonde hair, glamorous lifestyle, and everything hot pink. So Barbie core in a nutshell is the iconic style and colour palette of Barbie incorporated into our styles today. The style can be inspired by the past decades, but its main attributes are girly silhouettes and a hot pink colour palette.

Barbie in its main attributes is not just a doll it's a way young girls connect to adult fashion, furthermore, the colour hot pink also has a feminist tone because it is a colour associated with femininity and hyper girliness which used to be a non-desirable trait when it comes to mass media. So now when women and the media are taking back their colour in a way, they are taking back femininity in a powerful way.

One of the major reasons for the return of this aesthetic is the emergence of the live-action Barbie movie. The movie is all set to be released in 2023, but we have gotten some insight info on its production. The movie is directed by Greta Gerwig, the same director who worked on ‘Little Women’. The movie is also co-written by Greta and Noah Baumbach, but the best part of the movie is the leading cast. The iconic roles of Barbie and Ken are played by Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, respectively. From the pictures, we have seen so far, the two are perfect for the roles and the resemblance is uncanny. We can’t wait to see what this movie will be like when it hits the silver screen.

The reveal of this movie did push the ‘Barbie core’ trend further into the fashion scene of Hollywood and since then it has taken over. Recently we have seen many celebrities dawning hot pink looks and looking like barbie dolls themselves. Some of those celebrities include:

During the recent Valentino show in Rome, Anne Hathaway walked in a bright pink dress from the brand itself, pairing the look with a small bag and high platforms. Anne looked like she walked straight out of a Barbie movie.

How can we talk about celebrities in the barbie core aesthetic without mentioning the beautiful Margot Robbie? Margot is no stranger to dawning hot pink looks, from her iconic hot pink look in the movie ‘Wolf of Wall Street to the beautiful looks we have seen so far from her live-action role as barbie.

Lastly, we have the beautiful Florence Pugh who also showed up in a stunning hot pink tulle gown in the' Maison Valentino' show. She paired her look with high-heeled platforms and slick back hair. She looked like she walked straight out of a barbie doll box.

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