The whole country is worried about electricity bills, and it is getting out of control. People are getting four and five times their previous bills and don’t know how to pay them as inflation and the economy is making them lose their jobs. A person earning six figures is also worried about the bills since it is nothing compared to the expenses. Following are a few tips to cut your electricity bill in half.

Turn Your Lights Off: The classic saying of our parents. This is a must if you want to cut electricity costs. 

Adjust your fridge and freezer temperature: Set your fridge to 38 degrees and your freezer between 0 and 5 degrees. This will keep your food fresh, but your fridge and freezer won’t need to work as hard to maintain the temperature.

Don’t wash clothes in hot water: Stick to warm or cold water when you do laundry. 

Keep an eye out for expensive rate time: Some utility providers charge higher rates during the day. Keep an eye out for that time and try to minimise your consumption.  

Swap out your lightbulbs: Old is never always gold, you can save a lot by swapping out the old bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED bulbs.

Install dimmer switches: Dimmers let you set the brightness in a room to suit your needs, setting the mood and saving electricity.

Start Line Drying Laundry: Dryers are energy hogs and cutting them out of your home routine can save you quite a bit of money. 

Keep the Sun Out: Direct sunlight can quickly turn up the heat, especially in the summer months. By keeping the sun out, you can reduce air conditioner energy consumption. Close blinds and curtains on the sunny side of your home, or even using tinted window film to start cutting your electric bill in half.

Wash and Dry Dishes by Hand: Eliminating your dishwasher can save you money especially when you’re living in Pakistan. Cutting down on any appliance use in the kitchen will ultimately help you cut your electric bill in half. 

More Blankets: Winter months can drive up heating costs. As we mentioned earlier, one of the easiest ways to cut seasonal electricity costs is to simply use more blankets instead of cranking the heat while sleeping.

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