From Romantic Drama to Science Fiction: Armeena Khan to Play a Robot in Upcoming Movie

From Romantic Drama to Science Fiction: Armeena Khan to Play a Robot in Upcoming Movie
Pakistani actress and international model Armeena Rana Khan, who has made her mark through her widely acclaimed performances in movies like Janaan and Bin Royeis now going to play the lead role opposite British actor Christopher Faith in upcoming film,  The Achilles Protocol.

The short film is being directed by Aatif Zafar, who has years of experience in acting, filmmaking and production in England.  The Achilles Protocol is a science fiction movie that is set to release in 2017 on the International Film Festival circuit. Following that, it will have a limited release.

"The Achilles Protocol is a SciFi Film about a conflict between an artificial intelligence (Myself) and a super hacker (Christopher Faith). The A.I has gone rogue and is adamant on destroying the world through the usage of nuclear warheads. The hacker has only minutes to shut down the rogue and disable the warheads" Armeena added about her project. 

In conversation with Hello!, Armeena shared that she will play the role of a robot that is about to be decommissioned in the short film. Unlike her usual feminine roles in Pakistani movies, this one is far from that.

"I am playing the main antagonist and the female lead. Artificial intelligence is about designing machines that can think and have emotions. The film explores the cons of giving A.I such powers and their ability to supersede human intelligence. My parts were shot on green screen combined with a lot of action. A lot of hard work and long hours have gone into this."


She added,

"It is a far cry from my regular roles in the Pakistan Film Industry. This has really allowed me to explore and grow as an actor."

How did Armeena get roped in such a role in the first place, we wonder.

"I signed up for the film because this role allowed me to step away from the usual. I have played a serial killer before but never an artificial intelligence. This is a continuation of my international body of work. There are various projects in the pipeline for me."


Opting for the role maybe simple but preparing for it is no jokes.

"The expectations are high as it is an extremely technical film. The Achilles team is very skilled and capable. Since, will be competing on the International front, the benchmarks and the standards are high. However, the film makers are very confident about the film. On another note, Pakistani audiences have never seen me in this avatar before and I am very excited to share this with them"

This movie is a great platform for Armeena to prove her acting chops and we are sure she will!