Meet Mishal - The New Discovery of Coke Studio in song ‘Tere Bin Soona’

Meet Mishal - The New Discovery of Coke Studio in song ‘Tere Bin Soona’
The Coke Studio Explorer recently came up with their fourth song by the name of Tere Bin Soona starring the social media sensation Mishal Khawaja from Sialkot, Pakistan, and brought up in Toronto. Mishal was discovered via social media by the producers Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi, who’re responsible for bringing her all the way back to her hometown in Punjab, especially for this special song.

Tere Bin Soona is a smooth, mid-tempo love ballad, finding a cushion for its’ lyrics over the melodies of guitar and soft rhythms. Shot in a minaret around the regal Lahore fort, the video aptly captures the essence of Punjab and its rich heritage and culture.

The story is such that Mishal, while casually humming a Toni Braxton number to a friend of hers in the school playground discovered how good her vocal skills are but being a shy kid, it was only much later that more and more people around her took note of her lovely voice and she started thinking of becoming a vocalist and a songwriter. She already has an impressive fanbase wooing to her tunes on Instagram – exactly where the Coke Studio crew came across her.

In this age of virtual reality, the idea of tracing her roots back and starting a career as a vocalist back home in Pakistan soared to create an impact on the audience, making for a great premise for the audio/visual story for Mishal’s debut on Coke Studio Explorer.

In  Tere Bin Soona, Mishal’s vocals render a gentle, wavering feel alongside the soothing acoustic chords of Ali’s guitar. The song is written and composed by this new star in the making.