Standing Tall | Adnan Behrani's Journey from Grounded Roots to Fashion Heights | “My faith and work ethic guide my path”

Standing Tall | Adnan Behrani's Journey from Grounded Roots to Fashion Heights | “My faith and work ethic guide my path”

Navigating the intricate and often unpredictable landscape of fashion and modeling, the stories behind the camera are sometimes more compelling than the glossy finishes we admire on pages and screens. This month, we are privileged to delve into the life and aspirations of Adnan Behrani, an emerging talent whose unique path to the modeling industry is not only inspiring but a vivid illustration of passion, perseverance, and the blending of worlds. Towering at 6.4 feet, Adnan's presence is as commanding as his ambition, yet his humility shines brightest, especially evident during the demanding shoot for this feature. Coming from a family deeply rooted in the construction business, Adnan's foray into modeling is a story of bold choices, showcasing the richness that comes from combining the practical world of construction with the aesthetic realm of fashion modeling. Despite the myriad challenges and the balancing act between his family obligations and the rigorous demands of his burgeoning modeling career, Adnan's journey is a testament to the impact of diversity, the importance of representation, and the relentless pursuit of one's passions. In this exclusive interview, we explore Adnan Behrani's path, the obstacles he's navigated, his achievements, and his future aspirations. His story offers a glimpse into the reality of breaking into the fashion industry, the perseverance required to overcome challenges, and the profound insights gained along the way. Join us as we uncover the inspiring saga of Adnan Behrani, a model whose height is matched only by his humility and dedication to carving a niche for himself in a world that celebrates beauty in all its forms. Read on… 


Hello, Adnan. It's a pleasure to welcome you back. In an industry often characterized by rapid changes and a focus on superficial qualities, your journey is a notable example of how diverse experiences and backgrounds contribute significantly. Could you recount an event or a turning point that affirmed your decision to engage in modeling while also being involved in your family's construction business, and explain how these distinct realms have augmented your perspective in both areas? 

Indeed, I distinctly remember having limited interest and understanding of the construction business, which my older brother managed and I am now involved in as well.

My pivotal moment came when I travelled to Lahore for a week with the aspiration of becoming a model. That week was full of challenges, including unfulfilled appointments and misleading promises.

A friend recommended I meet Khawar Riaz, a renowned photographer whose immediate response to my late-night message marked the beginning of my modeling career. I spent months learning the fundamentals of modeling under Khawar Riaz's guidance, absorbing knowledge from every shoot at his studio. This experience was undeniably the turning point and the commencement of my career in modeling.

What do you find to be the most challenging aspects of modeling, and how do you address these challenges? In what ways do you strive to evolve and enhance your skills within this craft?

One significant challenge I've noticed is the industry's tendency to favor established models, often overlooking talented newcomers due to favoritism and connections rather than merit.

I concentrate on honing my craft, despite the disadvantage of not focusing on networking as much as others. I believe my talent should be the primary factor in obtaining opportunities.

Given your active role in the family construction business, which markedly differs from modeling, how do you manage the demands and responsibilities of both fields?


Balancing the commitments of the construction business and modeling is undoubtedly challenging, as these industries are worlds apart. I meticulously plan my schedule, preferring advance notice for modeling assignments to coordinate effectively with my team in Quetta during my absences for modeling work.

Balancing construction and modeling presents unique challenges. How do you navigate these, and do you anticipate concentrating more on one career path in the future?

 Over time, I've become adept at managing both careers simultaneously. My aspiration is to achieve success in both fields, trusting in a hopeful and successful future for each.


What are your views on diversity and representation within the modeling industry? 

While there's openness to diversity, the industry falls short in offering equal opportunities.

A prevalent bias exists towards models based in major cities like Karachi or Lahore, compelling me to identify as based in Karachi to avoid losing opportunities. This situation underscores the need for broader representation and equality in opportunities regardless of geographical location.

Many models explore acting. Do you see yourself pursuing acting, and are there particular roles or genres that interest you?

 Considering the ephemeral nature of a modeling career,

I am indeed interested in exploring acting, particularly roles akin to ‘Mir Hadi’ from ‘Khaani’. I believe I could bring depth and authenticity to such characters.

How do you maintain personal authenticity amidst the commercial pressures of modeling? 

I adapt to the environments I find myself in, embodying the principle of "when in Rome, do as the Romans do." This approach has allowed me to balance authenticity with commercial expectations seamlessly.

Reflecting on your journey, what unexpected lessons have you learned about yourself and the industry?

The paramount lesson I've learned is to place my trust solely in God, as the industry's allegiances and dynamics are ever-changing. My faith and work ethic guide my path.

As a relatively new model from Quetta, which is distant from Pakistan's fashion hubs, what unique challenges have you encountered, and how have you pursued your passion despite these obstacles?

Navigating the disparities in work opportunities across cities has been challenging, compounded by the financial and logistical demands of traveling for shoots. Despite these hurdles, my commitment to my craft has remained unwavering, sometimes prioritizing portfolio development over immediate financial gain.

Social media has dramatically influenced many professions, including modeling. Could you discuss its impact on your career and how you've leveraged these platforms to bridge the distance between Quetta and Pakistan's fashion capitals? 

In the absence of formal modelling agencies in Pakistan, social media serves as a vital platform for showcasing my work and connecting with brands. It has significantly impacted my career, facilitating opportunities that might have otherwise been inaccessible. 

Beyond your professional life, what are your passions, and how do they contribute to your well-being and creativity?

Managing responsibilities in both construction and modeling leaves little time for other pursuits. However, I believe balancing these commitments contributes to my overall well-being and creativity.

Looking ahead, what achievements or milestones do you hope to discuss in a follow-up conversation five years from now, and how do you wish to influence the modeling world and your community in Quetta?

I aspire to establish a presence in the international modeling scene, currently in discussions.

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In your opinion, what qualities make a model successful in today's industry?

Good PR, being humble and to respect everyone that you work with 

Your idea of a perfect date night?

I'd love to book a whole restaurant with no one but me and my date, no background noise, dim lights and a great ambience 

Who has been your biggest influence or mentor in your modelling career?

Khawar Riaz and Tabesh Khoja 

If you had the power to solve one world problem, what would it be?

I'd remove envy from people's hearts 

Someone you’d love to have dinner with?

Mahira Khan

 If you had to wear only one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be?


How do you stay mentally and physically healthy in such a competitive industry?

I stay busy to stay healthy 

What's one myth about modelling you'd like to debunk?

That even if you don't have talent you can get work, it's untrue. I think talent is a must. 

Favourite city to travel?


Three top bucket list ideas?

Travel the world, skydiving and scuba diving