Rapid Fire: Snapshot interview with Adnan Behrani

Rapid Fire: Snapshot interview with Adnan Behrani

In your opinion, what qualities make a model successful in today's industry?

Good PR, being humble and to respect everyone that you work with 

Your idea of a perfect date night?

I'd love to book a whole restaurant with no one but me and my date, no background noise, dim lights and a great ambience 

Who has been your biggest influence or mentor in your modelling career?

Khawar Riaz and Tabesh Khoja 

If you had the power to solve one world problem, what would it be?

I'd remove envy from people's hearts 

Someone you’d love to have dinner with?

Mahira Khan

 If you had to wear only one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be?


How do you stay mentally and physically healthy in such a competitive industry?

I stay busy to stay healthy 

What's one myth about modelling you'd like to debunk?

That even if you don't have talent you can get work, it's untrue. I think talent is a must. 

Favourite city to travel?


Three top bucket list ideas?

Travel the world, skydiving and scuba diving