Your Dining Menu Never Looked Any Better

Your Dining Menu Never Looked Any Better

We all know how mundane our daily cooked meals might get for our loved ones but it gets tiring, doesn’t it? Introducing fresh flavors to your dining menu can be a fun and exciting way to keep your home cooking fresh and interesting for your family orguests. Here are some ideas to incorporate some new zest into your summer menu:

1. Consider seasonal ingredients: Summer is an excellent time to experiment with fresh, seasonal ingredients such as berries, melons, tomatoes, and herbs. Look for ways to incorporate these components into your dishes to create fresh and fascinating flavors.

2. Use marinades and dressings: Marinades and dressings can be a terrific way to add flavor to your dishes. Experiment with new marinades or sauces that utilize fresh herbs, citrus, or even throw in some cilantro! Try making a homemade marinade with olive oil, vinegar, and your favorite herbs and spices. Or, try a new sauce, such as chimichurri, tzatziki, or salsa.

3. Don't be scared to experiment with new recipes: There are numerous recipes out there that incorporate differentflavor combinations. Don't be afraid to experiment! Who would have thought that the classic Manchurian can have sweet potatoes in them, making them ever tastier! Check out Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan on YouTube for more inspiration and ideas, and the recipe for the Manchurian your family is sure going to love by Chef Elsa Qazi: 

4. Wake your taste buds up with coffee grounds in more than 1 way: Coffee's deep, earthy flavors are ideal for a dry rub, seasoning, sauce, or marinade. If you're making a marinade, try reusing the grounds from your morning cup of coffee. Grind 14 cup of beans and add it to your spice blend to make a dry rub or seasoning. If you want something a little sweeter, add a few teaspoons of fine coffee grounds to your next batch of whipped cream, giving the light dessert topping a creamy flavor.

5. Get Peachy with your fruits and vegetables: Summer is an excellent time to experiment with different fruits and vegetables. Grill peaches or pineapple for a sweet and smoky flavor. For a savory variation, add some roasted red peppers or artichokes to your salads.
By following these tips, you can easily add new flavors to your food this summer and make your meals more exciting and delicious. Happy eating!

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