4 Reasons Why Alia Bhatt Is More Successful Than Any Other Actress!

4 Reasons Why Alia Bhatt Is More Successful Than Any Other Actress!
Call her dumb, silly or whatever is on your vocabulary list of 'cool' words to bring someone down but one thing is for sure, Alia Bhatt is one of the most successful actresses in the new cluster of talent. Be it a sassy girl-next-door from Karan Johar's Student of The Year (SOTY) or a typical Bihari in Udta Punjab, Alia is able to surprise the audience with her spectacular performance on screen, breaking all the stereotypes associated with her bubbly personality.

Keeping aside all the 'oops moment' she is known for, The SOTY girl lights up the screen with her unbeatable charm. If you're unsure about her brilliant performances; here are four reasons to prove that she is way more successful than any other actress at the professional front currently!

  1. PRO when it comes to bold character roles:
    Alia zipped her haters with her stellar performance in Udta Punjab, the much hyped movie of 2016. Though, she was bashed and her ability to perform the role was doubted ever since the trailer came into the limelight because people didn't see her fit for the bold script but remember Highway? Yes, it was the same silly, pretty girl who stole the show for such intense movies. Similarly, in Udta Punjab, the 23-year-old actress downplays her natural cuteness and brings out grit of a migrant woman trapped in a drug lord’s mansion. Her acting in movies like Highway and Two States prove that she is the most courageous actress so far; she never hesitates to take on the role of bold and powerful characters. Be it a South Indian woman or a Bihari girl, she wins it all!

  1. Stood up for issues like self abuse & drug abuse:
    If you thought she is too young to take social issues seriously then think again. No new actress has been so open to addressing such concerns other than Queen actress Kangana Ranaut. Alia daringly took on the responsibility to aware the masses with such societal issues like self abuse and drug abuse despite the negative connotation associated with them through her movie  Udta Punjab. Moreover, she was also the lead actress in Kapoor and Sons that shed light on the acceptance of homosexuals. No doubt, she is an inspiration for adults and adolescents alike.

  1. Extremely versatile:
    When I first saw her in the movie SOTY, she seemed to be a 'baby doll' type of an actress, one who just knows how to look pretty and shake her booty but when the Highway effect happened to me, it was a real shocker! Moments in the movie reflected on her brilliant acting, especially when she shared her secret of a troubled childhood, those devastated eyes filled with tears could even move the hardest of hearts. Moving on to characters like Kavya in Humpty Sharma ki Dhulania and Annanya in Two States, she dazed her fans with her desi kuri style. No matter what role she is made to perform, she surely does an outstanding job!

  1. Easy to joke but hard to beat her standard:
    It may be easy to not take her so seriously because of her carefree behaviour and easy-going personality but she has proved herself to be one of the most mindful actresses of all time. From choosing powerful characters to addressing societal concerns, she is one of a kind! Her career started off with big names and it is safe to say her movies so far have all been hits at the box office except Shaandaar which sadly wasn't so shaandar for her fans.

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