Zeb Bangash: The Unparalleled OST Queen

Zeb Bangash: The Unparalleled OST Queen

Most likely, when you think of Zeb Bangash, you picture a voice that is euphonious and calming, coaxing us into the magic of her music as she sings. In addition to being praised for her legendary Coke Studio performances, she has provided her vocals to popular Bollywood and Lollywood film songs. Zeb Bangash is without a doubt the reigning queen of drama OSTs, and every time she has lent her voice to a drama's theme song, hearts have been won over. The millions of views and plays that each and every soundtrack by Zeb receives is proof that she is a vocalist who is above her craft and can lull music listeners into a trance with her deep voice. Any Drama's soundtrack featuring her name guarantees that the song will be a great hit. 
1.     Daam:

The serendipitous voices of Zeb and Haniya added to Daam's soundtrack, which had a soundscape you could feel with every syllable. This was one OST that fans continued to add to their playlists for a very long time. Even today, when you listen to it, you are immediately transported to the images it evokes up in your head.
2.     Diyar-e-Dil:

Zeb Bangash composed the award-winning theme song Yaar e Mann for the drama series "Diyar-e-Dil." It won the Hum and Lux Style awards for the best original soundtrack, two major accolades. Momin Durrani joined Zeb in singing the lovely tune, and the two of them both struck all the perfect notes with this entrancing song with a folk feel.
3.     Sammi:

Despite being in punjabi, the OST captured all of the feelings and ideas that were expressed throughout the drama. In addition to singing it brilliantly, Zeb Bangash and Zaheer Abbas outdid themselves in their performance, proving that wonderful music transcends language boundaries.
4.     Kaisa Hai Naseeban:

This lovely OST did an amazing job of portraying a daughter's feelings in such a profoundly genuine manner that it leaves you thinking and reflecting.
This song needed Zeb's wonderful voice, and she gave it precisely what it required by adding emotional riffs using a range of vocal wavelengths.
5.     Tum Mere Paas Raho:

You can never get enough of this delightful OST, which had the feel-good effect of a comforting lullaby. It had an affectionate vibe to it that felt like a loving embrace because of Zeb's voice.
6.                 Sinf-e-Ahan:

The talented and brilliant Zeb Bangash provided her magical vocals for the original soundtrack of the most talked-about drama series, "Sinf e Aahan." As much as the play was praised, the OST was also enjoyed by the public. The OST was the icing on the cake for a drama that gave viewers hope; it complemented each scene and the entire drama to perfection.
7.     Weham:

A recent addition to Bangash's rich variety of OSTs is the score for the drama series Weham, which was composed by Ahmad Jahanzeb and produced by Moomal Shunaid.
The song's lyrics, music, and Zeb's voice all give the drama a hauntingly lovely air of melancholy.
8.     Mere Humnasheen:

Zeb's calming vocals in Mere Humnasheen's OST definitely spoke to our hearts and mesmerised listeners as it has gained over 9 million views on YouTube alone.

9.     Ek thi marium:

For the telefilm "Ek Thi Marium," "Pankh Laga K" was a liberating and poignant soundtrack whose lyrics were magically transformed by Zeb's lovely voice.

10.  Noor ul Ain:

The drama Noor ul Ain featured Ali Sethi and Zeb Bangash's mellifluous singing which beautifully encased the essence of the drama.
Other rhythmic OSTs sung by Bangash include ‘Dil e Bekhabar’, ‘Tere Mere Beech’, ‘Kösem Sultan’, ‘Sammi’, ‘Kaisa Hai Naseeban’, and ‘Dulhan’. 
Zeb's voice definitely enhances the entire drama-watching experience and makes it even more entertaining, we can't wait to be treated to more of her OSTs.