Subtle Yet Effective

Subtle Yet Effective

With an aim to bring you closer to your partner, Durex Pakistan recently launched ‘Durex Invisible’, and as always, the brand did this in a subtle, yet effective way. They did so by designing an interactive social media campaign that tackled the topic through engaging, humorous, and relatable digital content in the brand’s signature style.  

The campaign kicked off with riddles on the brand's social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook, with the hashtag #RiddleMeThis. All the riddles followed a humorous tone, for example, 

“You can't feel me, but I can keep you up all night”.

This was an exciting way to engage the users of these various platforms by sparking curiosity and inviting them to interact with the posts. As always, the brand identified a way to organically engage its audience and keep them anticipating what else is to come. 

We saw that the campaign did not end at the brand’s own digital platforms but engaged meme pages, publications, and groups that kept the conversation around the riddles going. Following the piqued curiosity of the riddles, Durex posted a subtle, yet telling hint on its story, simply stating, “This story is no longer visible”. This clever detail revealed just enough about the launch of the product without giving it all away. The brand ends the campaign with its big reveal through a DVC which will finally quench the curiosity of those making their guesses through comments on the riddles. The DVC communicated that this variant is the thinnest one by far, communicating both functionality and value proposition in a clever and concise manner. 


This campaign made it clear that Durex Pakistan has created a benchmark for marketing, specifically handling a taboo topic in a lighthearted and relatable manner that does not offend public sensibilities. We cannot wait to see what else the brand comes up with! 

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