The Premiere of Ishq Positive Adds yet Another Film to the Revival of Pakistani Cinema

The Premiere of Ishq Positive Adds yet Another Film to the Revival of Pakistani Cinema
The premiere of Ishq Positive adds yet another film to the Lollywood list of movies marking the revival of Pakistani cinema. Ishq Positive, a romantic comedy shot in the foothills of Northern Pakistan specifically Kashmir and Naraan, KPK further extending to the glamourous Noor Mahal in Bahawalpur, Punjab. The story, however, is a typical love story that evolves around two protagonists, Rajjo (Noor Bukhari) and Wali (Wali Hamid Ali Khan) who face emotional dilemmas who sought to marry two different people they don’t love.

The first half of the film revolves around how Wali and Rajjo fall in love, relatively takes a slower pace while the story develops in the second half, surprisingly, the happy new year actor, Sonnu sood gave a cameo appearance in the film, being the only Pakistani film which starrs an indian actor, while other cast members include Saim Ali, Saud, Ahmed Ali, Faria Bukhari and Durdana Butt.

While the film is directed by film Actress Noor bukhari, written by Suraj Baba, under production banner of KSL production and is distributed by Hum TV Network. Overall, the film is a fairly good effort by actress Noor Bukhari!

Furthermore, in terms of the soundtrack, Rahat fateh Ali Khan, Wali Hamid Ali khan, and Saji Ali have sung Beautiful melodic songs that incorporate a touch of sufistic poetry and a pinch of old school glamour.

While the star studded premiere of Ishq Positive kicked off at the Summit hall, Royal Palm Wali added,

“It’s my debut film and I have given it my 100%”

Further, he added that they are trying their best to keep the film in accordance with the current standards.

Actor-singer claimed despite being on a limited budget, the team has pulled off a project that will play a key role in the revival of Pakistani cinema.

Ishq Positive sound track:

Dil Ka Panchi - Damia Farooq, Wali Hamid Ali Khan

Tujhe Bin Mora - Hamid Ali Khan

Rab Diyaa Rab Janay - Duet - Akriti Kakkar, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Rab Diyaa Rab Janay - Solo - Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Ya Ali - Raga Boyz

Kina Tenu - Wali Hamid Ali Khan

Naughty - Hina Zulfiqar, Wali Hamid Ali Khan

Noor E Khuda - Akriti Kakkar,Wali Hamid Ali Khan

Tera Nika Jiya - Akriti Kakkar, Wali hamid Ali Khan