LSA 2016: Mahira Khan's Very First Performance on National Television was Absolutely Mesmerising!

LSA 2016: Mahira Khan's Very First Performance on National Television was Absolutely Mesmerising!
Team H! Pakistan! chats with the lady of the night, Mahira Khan backstage, while she gets her hair done. She said,"This is my first performance ever! So I am really apprehensive." She adds in pain; "I've pulled my right leg muscle." But even that didn't come in the way of her wonderful performance and that is why she is a star!
Her performance was beautifully executed at the Lux Style Awards. She danced on the Bin Roye song numbers. Every step was done so gracefully and with such precision that the audience was left in awe and wonder. Wearing a full length, shimmery gold, pastel beige pishwaas, which flowed enchantingly along with her movements. She stepped down the stage just to get Humayun Saeed to join her on the stage, where they did the last part of the act together.

The show ended with Mahira walking in the aisle of audiences to join Shehryar Munawer in the famous Shakar Wadaan and together, they both did a better duo than done in the actual film. It was energetic and her graceful movements were like poetry in motion. The audience could not stop hooting and clapping in appreciation. A performance worth the wait and watch.

Team H! Pakistan managed to speak to her again after her performance and she seemed pretty content and satisfied with the great response,

"I am a very private person and I don't like being on the media much but today for all my fans I put my best foot forward."

Mahira sure does sprinkle magic, the moment the arc lights are on, her face glows and she performs and finishes gracefully leaving one mesmerised.

While other performers were re-shooting for the television airing, Mahira packed her bags to leave. It was a perfect performance and definitely didn't need a redo for the TV audience.

Her father had come for the first time to an award show to see his daughters performance- Mahira said excitedly;

"It made my day to see him in the audience". It truly was a special moment for her.


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