#LuxLoofahLather: Change Your Life With A 'Magical Spell'

#LuxLoofahLather: Change Your Life With A 'Magical Spell'
Between hectic work schedules and fulfilling beauty needs, we have plenty of reasons to pamper ourselves with a luxurious spa day. Yet, the idea of booking an appointment and being confined to a room full of ladies can be quite intimidating; a complete oxymoron. Well, in our case it was otherwise. From a royal invitation to a magical evening at the Blush Studio hosted by Lux, everything about this event, from the décor, to the ambiance, was beyond our expectations.

On 27 September, Lux hosted an exclusive bloggers event for their latest #LuxLoofahLathercampaign to welcome their latest body wash collection.. As the name suggests, it was nothing less than a Magical Spell. The aroma, vibe and entire experience of the body wash was extraordinary.

The event hosted by Body Beats was decorated beautifully with special attention to the royal color schemes and majestic aura that this fragrance stands for. They were surely able to create an ethereal world through their intricate ornamentation. None other than the graceful yet playful Anoushey Ashraf was the host for the evening draped in an elegant jumpsuit.

A brief introduction followed by an interactive fragrance workshop with Mr David Boydfrom Givaudan, (a fragrance house that created some of the biggest fine fragrances globally) took place. This wasn't just it, bloggers were asked to create their own perfumes using three notes that they could take home. Another activity was on the menu for the evening, this one was quite creative and adventurous, bloggers were asked to look straight into the camera and say ‘Lux, Loofah, Lather’ ten times, creating a good brand recall and putting tongue-twister abilities on display. The evening concluded with a free pedicure, back massage, blow-dry or protein service –what's a spa day without any treatments? Lux truly made this event an unforgettable one.

The extravagant giveaway was the highlight of the ceremony. Each blogger was given two Lux body washes, a loofah, beautiful bath towels and a bathrobe.

For those who are looking for a body wash that smells divine and leaves you feeling beautiful, Lux Magical Spell body wash is the way to go! The enchanting, long-lasting fragrance developed with the bold, intense scent of the black orchid will definitely leave you feeling worth a billion bucks! The best part is the scent lasts up to eight hours. We tried it, you should too!

Oh and here's a fun fact: The Lux body wash was carefully crafted by an expert panel of perfumers including Nicole Mancini, the creator of fragrances for Calvin Klein, Sarah Jessica Parker andEstée Lauder.

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