Palmolive Naturals Launches Their New Liquid Hand Wash Range and Unveils Syra Yousuf As The New Palmolive Girl

Palmolive Naturals Launches Their New Liquid Hand Wash Range and Unveils Syra Yousuf As The New Palmolive Girl

In the midst of a global pandemic, we find worry and fear at the heart of all we do. Limiting our movements and incorporating extra safety precautions, we find ourselves washing our hands a lot more than usual.

While this helps prevent the spread of germs, it often results in dry hands in constant need of moisturizing. Well, lucky for us, Palmolive Naturals just recently launched an excitingnew product —a Liquid Hand Wash range that is tough on germs and soft on hands.

 Made with 100% natural, skin loving ingredients and free from harmful chemicals, the Palmolive Naturals Liquid Hand Wash range is the answer to protecting yourself from germs, as well as protecting the softness of your skin. Offering three wonderful variants, i.e. Antibacterial, Milk & Honey, and Aloe & Chamomile, the Liquid Hand Wash range comes in sleek and sophisticated pump bottles which really stand out on the shelf – be sure to look out for them on your next store visit. Available in 225 ml and 450 ml sizes, as well as refill pouches, Palmolive Naturals offers safe and convenient use for the whole family.

Before the launch of the Liquid Hand Washrange, Palmolive Naturals shared a small teaser on social media of a pretty woman with her back towards the camera – hinting at a glamorous new Palmolive girl! We were curious as to whom it could be… and were pleased to find out that it was none other than the one and only, graceful and beautiful, Syra Yousuf!

Bold, inspiring and empowering, the Palmolive Naturals TVC opens with a strong and confidant Syra powering her way through an intense workout routine. Taking center stage on screen and in our hearts, Syra comes to us with a special message – the importance of being tough-minded yet soft-hearted for our best selves to thrive.There’s no one better than this mum of one, to highlight the message of the campaign – that Palmolive Naturals gives her the power to be both tough and soft at the same time. The campaign highlights the importance of staying safe and healthy by washing your hands, with the benefit of killing germs without compromising on the softness of your skin— an important message as we all are fighting to combat the spread of the Coronavirus.

Watch their latest TVC here:

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