The versatile Amar Khan is a Pakistani actress and a writer working in the industry for quite some time now. Khan started her career with the drama serial “Bud Guman” in 2016 and people loved her. 

In 2021, Amar will be seen on big screen, in her feature film debut ‘Dum Mastam’ opposite Imran Ashraf. Directed by the legendary artist Mohammad Ehteshamuddin, the talented actor will serve as the main lead for the movie. 

HELLO! got a chance to catch up with the beautiful and uber talented Amar Khan. We decided to play a quick round of rapid fire and here’s what we found about her!

Three Pakistani films you love? 

Aina,Shah,Punjab nahi jaongi

Favourite travel destination? 


Most recent on-set blunder?

Hair got stuck in a zip

Your biggest pet peeve?

Anyone picking their nose

What’s the most enjoyable activity you do when are home?

Listening to some quality music

One thing you would change about Pakistan? 

Extremism in thoughts

Are you a morning or night person?

I’m a Night owl for sure

What is something you wish; you could be good at?

Playing any musical instrument

Three important makeup products? 

Mascara, Compact and a lip balm

Netflix show you have binged on recently? 

Queen’s Gambit

How do you manage stress? 

Yoga and meditation 

One thing you still have from your childhood?

A small mirror. Gives me a sense of nostalgia!