All About Amar: This Fresh-Spirited New Actor Loves Audacious Roles and Fiery Characters

All About Amar: This Fresh-Spirited New Actor Loves Audacious Roles and Fiery Characters
With distinctive looks and acting in her genes, Amar Khan is a breath of fresh air in the Pakistani drama industry -- she is bold and confident and doesn’t shy away from experimenting with roles. Catch her in conversation with us, as she speaks about her future endeavours and cinematic aspirations.

What brought you to the world of acting? How did you get your first entry into the drama circuit?
Ever since I can remember, I’ve found myself performing various film dialogues and dancing in front of the mirror. As a shrewd observer, films and real life human behavior has always intrigued me. I guess this was my true calling — to enter the world of acting. After completing my studies in filmmaking, I made a short film for HUM TV (Chashme Num) which eventually became my first entry into the TV circuit.

As an actor do you feel pressured being a daughter of actress Fareeha Jabeen, someone who has been in this field for decades?
More than the pressure it’s a pleasure to have a mentor at home. The fact that people look up to you as a veteran actor’s daughter brings in double responsibility and is difficult at times. But it drives you to work more diligently and to carve your own niche.

Do you believe nepotism exists in our industry? Does it help to have parents who are also in the same field?
Nepotism does exist in almost every field. My only answer to this reality is even after their grand launch no star kid has ever sustained on a bad performance. Got talent, make waves is the phenomenon the world has witnessed over the years.

Tell us about your role in your current TV drama Belapur ki Dayan. What made you choose such an unconventional role?
Belapur Ki Dayan wasn’t a run of the mill call. A leading TV channel and team brought me the juiciest and most audacious character and it was a ver y meaty opportunity. Also, being a cinema and theatre student my training has been of to opt for fiery roles which are rich in content narratives. The Belapur Ki Dayan script had both in them.

Do you aspire to work in cinema? Are we going to see you on the silver screen?
This is what I have ardently seen and studied in life. Cinema is a strong reason for my existence and you will see me in there in the near future.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the Pakistani film industry and why?
Earlier Pakistani films were pretty good and had some inspiring names. I don’t think in current times, films are that good and filmmakers that inspiring.Everybody is learning, taking risks and finding their own individuality.

How do you manage to stay fit? Tell us a little about your workout/ eating routine?
I have always been fitness conscious, but for the past four years I have been practicing yoga, which is the prime reason for my fitness. Other than that, my Punjabi bones force me to rigorously workout in a gym thrice a week. Also I have never gone on crazy dieting/starving patterns, I just eat healthy and avoid carbs.

What’s your off time like? What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
Off work time goes into being with family, catching up on films, shopping and following up on my love for dance. You have also made few short films.

What do you enjoy doing more, filmmaking or acting?
Both! Acting is God sent. It’s been in my genes since birth. Filmmaking is the craft I have ardently pursued and learnt with a passage of time. Short films has helped me work more organically and fearlessly on narratives liberating into different context and avenues.

What do you binge-watch? Are you a serial junkie or a movie buff?
I binge watched some really amazing shows like Breaking Bad, Stranger Things and miniseries like Mildred Pierce and Big Little Lies. But films has a stronger magnetic pull, I’m surely a fanatic movie buff any day.

Tell us a little about your future projects? What are some milestones you hope to achieve this year?
I’ve just completed two TV projects Ghughi and Belapur Ki Dayan back to back which are currently on air. Right now, I’m opting for another interesting TV project, the details of which I will share soon. I am simultaneously working on a film script as well.

What kind of scripts are you waiting for? Is there a particular role you would love to do?
As an actor one can only pray for interesting, well-rounded characters to be designed and fall into one’s lap. I wish our country’s creatives made more powerful, realistic and distinct biopics and envisaged roles for women from different walks of life. Increasingly, every other character gets compartmentalized into a bichari/ introvert woman or a besharam/ outspoken siren.

Is there a role you wish you had done?
Kangana Ranaut’s Queen. It’s rooted, progressive and tremendously humorous.

Are you social media savvy? What’s the app you use the most?
This social media chaos is a modern day barbaric circus. Unfortunately nobody is spared. Instagram is my most looked up app. 15.

In three words tell us who is Amar Khan?
Passionate, an entertainer and an observer!

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