Mastering Ombre Lips in 4 Easy Steps

Mastering Ombre Lips in 4 Easy Steps
The latest ombré lip has gone mainstream and is here to stay! Ombre lips are two or more lipstick colours or shades blended so that they fade into one another. The one that we find the most common and wearable is dark around the edges, fading to light in the middle. Though, this fancy way of colouring your lips may look rather time consuming and tedious, it is as simple as contouring your lips making them look fuller, brighter and fabulous! 

Here is a quick and easy way to master ombré lips. All you need for this classic look with a modern twist is a Pro-Base Primer, Concealer & a three-coloured Lip Palette.

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Step 1:

Pick three shades of your choice from the Multi-Shade palette to create an illusion of a larger lip

Step 2:

Exfoliate and condition your lips with a Pro-Base Primer to avoid bleeding or feathering of lips

Step 3:

First outline your lips with a darker shade of lipstick, pulling the colour in slightly more toward the centre of your lip and then blending it. However, leave room in the centre of your lips. Then, use a darker shade and stroke it outwards from the centre of your lip, leaving some space in the middle, this will help you add dimension and fullness. Lastly, use a lighter lip colour for the middle that has no colour on it. Press your lips together gently and use your pinky finger to contour it.

Step 4:

Lastly use a concealer and a detailed make-up brush to clean up any uneven lines around the lip line

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