5 DIY Home Décor Projects to Make Your House a Home

5 DIY Home Décor Projects to Make Your House a Home
There are plenty of easy upgrades that can be done to update and add a touch of 'new' to a home - from interiors to general decor. Often, it is hard to find a customised piece ready for pick up and that's where the whole DIY project comes into picture and action! Along with being a fun family activity, it gives you the opportunity to carve your own niche.

Here are 5 DIY projects that will leave you in awe!

1) Floating Shelf or Antique Style Table:

Use your (already existing) floating table and add an artistic touch to it by painting an antique table design under it. This creates the illusion of an actual creative and personalised antique table.


2)  Reclusive Reading Space Out of a Curved Curtain Rod:

If you want a little cosy reading space in your room or attic , simply buy or utilise a curved curtain rod and drape soft fabric around it and voila! Spruce it up with an array of cushions or pillows according to your choice and maybe one or two spotlights for to illuminate the space.


3) DIY Curtain Head Board For An Aesthetically Pleasing Look:

Simply place a curtain rod above your bed, draping it with the fabric of your choice to create a headboard for your bed.


4)  DIY CD Mosaic Mirror:

Mirrors create a more spacious feel and bounce the light further into space. This cute little project helps one tune


5)  Canvas With Personalised Hand Written Text:

Add interest to empty walls by hanging wall canvas that can be easily personalised and changed.


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