Fahad Hussayn Print Museum Presents 'Suraiya Titanic' That Will Leave You Raving For More

Fahad Hussayn Print Museum Presents 'Suraiya Titanic' That Will Leave You Raving For More
In a sea of undeviating typical lawn suits that have swept over the nation Fahad Hussayn print museum breaks through the unvarying ensembles and creates something that highlights the flair of drama and magnetism. 

'Suraiya Titanic' luxury lawn Spring/Summer 2019 collection truly is one of a kind with its novel cuts and intriguing patterns, this is lawn that people have never seen before. Each piece in Suraiya Titanic is crafted with a concept that encompasses the idea that, together with love and tolerance only, we can make this world a healthier place to live and bring forward our forthcoming generations in. This collection uses an in-depth representation and expresses the realistic face of the observatory design discourse on the elucidation of the current generation of Social Media gypsies that has evolved with time.

Crafting something completely marvellous, this collection structures a distinctive form of hand painted truck art that has exceptional layouts and characters further instilled with hand painted, illustrated & vector drawings. Suraiya Titanic is redefining art of lawn and gives it an innovative contemporaneous direction that utilizes the details of the recent cross cultural interventions in our region. With bold insignias and novel patterns this collection aims to emphasize the influence of living in the age of sensory burden that tends to rivet so much, that ultimately diverse intensities of culture and geographical aspects are often blurred leading up to baffled aesthetics.  

Further in it’s latest campaign the label has depicted their interpretation of an old school wedding bringing back the nostalgia and old world charm. Recreating family wedding photographs, the campaign is a photo journey to the bygone era of simplicity, finding beauty in moments and heritage. Celebrating the tradition dholak, punjabi love for food, dressing up, colour, kitsch and countless simple days of just celebrating, singing, dancing and staying true to our roots.

This dynamic collection is Pakistan’s first pre patterned lawn in signature Fahad Hussayn cuts in custom engineered prints. Bringing a surge of colors, subtle finishing and heritage series, this is the perfect fusion of festive and luxury. Marking 2019 as a complete journey of a decade of decadence and opulence at Fahad Hussayn, this is one collection that surpasses the confines of modern day couture.

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