Fahad Hussayn Shajrahh 

Fahad Hussayn Shajrahh 

Featuring a wide array of both vibrant and pastel color palettes, Fahad Hussayn’s Signature Eid Lawn SS ‘21 features twelve different majestic ensembles that draw inspiration from various artistic themes - incorporating a mix of tribal motifs, baroque elements, and nature or architecture driven imagery. And as is the case with all his collections, this collection too includes his signature palettes of pinks and pastels with old school charm and classic ever green vibe. Which to date retains the brands position as one of the pioneers in classic womenswear! 

Hussayn recently made his grand comeback to the fashion scene with his lavish bridal collection under the label of ‘Sao Banjara’ which not only took the social media by a surprise storm but also received much praise at Bridal Couture Week earlier this year. This was preceded by the launch of his record-breaking fashion film ‘Mera Jora’ featuring Iqra Aziz and Hasnain Lehri, which recently crossed 1 million views. Such a momentous feat for a fashion film!

But as much of a celebrated couturier as he is, Hussayn always had his eyes on the commercial world of lawn. 

“I have my own unique perspective to what a lawn outfit needs to be, I’m not someone who has ever compromised on any kind of quality so for lawn too I’m back because I’m sure of the quality that I’m delivering! I’ve wanted a product for masses that resonates with our home particularly because I know a lot of people in Pakistan don’t relate to my kind of fashion but because the niche is still the same there I think sticking to my own self was great, but as I worked on this Eid collection I went back to basics at home, I made sure I had enough elements and fabrics and textures and prints and layouts involved in my designs so every woman can participate and make something for themselves for it, I believe it’s that one thing that women enjoy is putting together a look for themselves to make an entrance and I want to be able to deliver that to all genre of women around the globe. I enjoyed putting this collection together because I believe it has something for everyone" Hussayn says.


His previous Luxury Lawn Collection in 2013 with Ittehad textiles Priyanka Chopra had modern artistic vibes blending with some post-colonial inspirations. But this time Hussayn flies solo and only used traditional cuts for his collection along with a traditional color palette to signify the real essence of Eid. Fahad Hussayn’s Signature Eid Lawn SS ‘21 - SHAJ’RAHH - is thus a celebration of the lawn tradition, a summer wardrobe essential for every desi woman, a celebration of the festive season of spring and an anthem of the perennial South Asian heritage. It’s an experience that takes us back to our roots, and strengthens the ties and connections that bind the fabric of this society. This is also Hussayn’s first Eid Collection after the re-launch of his eponymous brand and it will be available at a very market-competitive price i.e. it has a more commercial foundation unlike his more artistic renders of the past. It will feature components like extra borders and patches to exude a more ethnic and regal vibe. 

‘This time my lawn collection has far more luxury, and yet far more value for money. It contains all my sensibilities of couture and print together. It’s not just a run-of-the-mill collection. And this is what I stand for.’ Hussayn says.

Hussayn’s fashion film for this collection features the ever radiant Noor Zafar as Maharang, who returns from overseas, explores her culture and reunites with her family to relive a tradition spanning across generations - the making of a summer wardrobe for your loved ones coming home for Eid. It's a tradition that has been bringing women in every family together since time immemorial. This is the message behind SHAJ’RAHH - the family tree - all the branches come back to the same roots. It’s an ode to the ties that build and strengthen a household. 

According to Hussayn, Noor Zafar was the perfect choice to play Maharang and convey the essence of this tradition of lawn. ‘I loved Noor’s innocence and she fitted into the character really well. Because the idea behind this lawn was to evoke these emotions behind the tradition of lawn, like my mom makes these clothes for my sisters, my sisters make these clothes for their daughters, so making a lawn outfit for your loved is for me a tradition and that is what we are trying to highlight in this collection’ Hussayn says. 

Not to mention that being a huge supporter of local craftsmanship, Hussayn wants to promote everything Pakistani through this collection, hence the use of various local elements in his fashion film. With such a vision, Hussayn is all set to lead this fashion renaissance with his latest collection. We can’t wait!


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