Hacks To Make Your Eid Makeup Last Longer In The Heat

Hacks To Make Your Eid Makeup Last Longer In The Heat
We are celebrating Eid in quarantine but that's not stopping us from putting together an on-fleek look for the ‘gram’. Keep a light hand and take in these hacks to help put together a summery look for the festive season.


Use Less Products

No point in caking your skin with layers of makeup, only to find it melting off your skin, breaking you out and making you uncomfortable in tin. Focus more on skin prep, and stick to minimal, light-wear products when doing your makeup. Less is definitely more here.  


Swap Foundation with Concealer

Celebrity makeup artists’ advice on ‘spot concealing’. Concealer has a thicker consistency, hence is less prone to give you a sweaty look. The trick is to use two concealers – one in a shade slightly lighter than your complexion used to highlight the high points of your face. While the other shade of concealer can be used as light, airbrushed base.


Ditch Powdering, Blot Instead

Take it from the makeup experts again; powdering your makeup on a hot day will dry it out and give you the patchy look you want to avoid for Eid. This is because powder has the tendency to cling to your pores and clog them, making your skin look like it's covered in a film of dust. So for the summer – particularly for your Eid look – ditch the powder. If you’re getting shiny or your makeup is running, try using a blotting paper (or even a paper towel as a substitute).


Prime and Seal it in

Back to basics – do not skip primer application before you proceed with the makeup. It gives your face a smooth canvas and is essential in making your makeup last long. Once your look is finished, seal it in with a setting spray. 


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