How To Look like Shilpa Shetty: Beauty Secrets, Tips & More!

How To Look like Shilpa Shetty: Beauty Secrets, Tips & More!

Shilpa Shetty; the silver screen actress, businesswoman and mother of one, shares her beauty secrets with HELLO! Read on to know her daily beauty regime that makes her look fab & absolutely glam!

Name your top beauty products?

“My go-to beauty products are Cetaphil cream, Natura Bisse eye cream, Rodial snake venom face mask, Kiehl’s lip balm and MAC Lust lip gloss... all of them help to keep my skin soft and supple.”

What are your must-have beauty essentials?

“A good moisturiser and eye cream (preferably Paraben free) is a must. A foot scrubber and moisturising foot scrub, non-smudge eyeliner for beautiful eyes all day and Jo Malone or Laura Mercier bath products and creams that smell divine.”

Describe your usual make-up look for the day?

“A tinted moisturiser to start off with, liner, a soft pink lipstick and an under eye concealer, if I’ve had a late night.”

Describe your usual make-up look for the night?

“It would depend on the outfit and occasion – for a casual dinner or a red carpet event, I love dramatising my eyes and if I use a bright lip colour then I keep the rest of my face understated as I like to accentuate just one feature on my face at a time.”

Which are your favourite fragrances?

“Tom Ford Santal Blush for nights and Pleasures by Estée Lauder or Tamdao by Diptique during the day.”

Top make-up secrets...

“Wash your hair with a good shampoo and alternate your choice of shampoo every month so product residue on the scalp is avoided. I deep condition my hair thrice a week and I’ve never used soap on my face. I just take off my make-up with baby oil and a Bioderma water cleanser and finish off with lots of moisturiser.”

Beauty tips...

“I believe it is important to keep your beauty routine simple and natural. Apply a face pack of yogurt, honey and a touch of turmeric at least thrice a week, it’s cooling and acts as an antiseptic.”

Which bag do you prefer to carry during the day as well as for cocktail soirées?

“I like light bags, so just a simple tote (that fits a lot) is important to store everything – from wet wipes for Viaan to dry fruits and organic fruit lollipops! For the evenings, I carry my Gucci bag of the moment.”

What are your in-bag essentials?

“If you look into my bag at any time, you will find my phone, wet wipes, perfume, lipstick and sunglasses.”