Beauty Tricks That Make Your Face Look Thinner Instantly

Beauty Tricks That Make Your Face Look Thinner Instantly
These quick beauty tips and tricks will instantly make your face look slimmer! 

Cheat 1: Long Earrings

Long dangly earrings will draw attention away from the face. While most styles work try to avoid hoops.

Cheat 2: Mid Height Pony

Pulling hair back in a pony can minimise a rounded face. Try to match the ponytail height to the tip of your cheekbones.

Cheat 3: Contouring Done Right

A little bronzer and highlighter can go a LONG WAY in defining your cheekbones, jawline, and nose. It takes a little bit of practice, but with the right products and brushes, you can transform your face in a matter of minutes.

Cheat 4: Draw Attention To The Eyes

A great tip for making a round face look slimmer is to spend a little extra time on your eye makeup. The more your eyes pop, the more attention they’ll get!

Cheat 5: Strobe
Strobing for the win!
well-placed highlighter can do wonders to make our face looked contoured and thinner. Opt for a high-shine version of your typical makeup look and place a little illuminator along the top of your cheekbone, extending toward the temple. Make sure to also place highlighter on the top of the bridge and tip of your nose, and center of the chin. This will give the illusion of a longer face, thus creating an instant “de-puffing” effect. 

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