7 Tips For A Great Start To The Week

7 Tips For A Great Start To The Week
It's Monday and you may have the usual weekly blues or just really tired from a super-busy weekend. Take some time out, focus on yourself and experiment these seven techniques that will give you a great start to the week! 

1. Start your day by exercising. Go for a walk, a run or even yoga - any form of a workout will give you a kickstart and will make you ditch your morning lattes for an energising breakfast!

2. Write. It is that simple. Rant or just make a list of your to-do tasks on a piece of paper and let it out. Scribble, doodle, colour anything that helps you vent.

3. Go out and meet someone. This could mean catching up over a cup of coffee with an old friend or just grabbing a quick bite to eat with your co-worker. Step outside and have some fun in the sun!

4. Take yourself to the park to read an amazing book and enjoy some fresh air.

5. Catch up on your chores. Cook, clean, organise - get yourself working rather than procrastinating!

6. Buy yourself a gift - it is important to love yourself and be thankful for being you!

7. Go to bed early. After having a productive day, make sure to sleep it off!

Want to add to the list? Leave your feedback in the comments below! 

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