Planning Your Dream Wedding? Here’s How To Kick Start It!

Planning Your Dream Wedding? Here’s How To Kick Start It!
Planning your dream wedding and have no idea whatsoever where to even start? Overwhelmed with both joy and nerves with planning your big day? Here's a checklist!

The Wedding Cake:
Standing tall and pretty at wedding receptions, cutting the wedding cake is no more a foreign tradition. To get your hands on the best cake in town, schedule a meeting with your baker of choice well in advance to make sure your cake looks exactly like you pictured it. Always make sure the cake is in sync with the colours of the décor and/or your wedding dress. Monograms too,
are a great way to add a personal touch to the cake!

Wedding invitations are important. Your wedding is a special occasion and dull, generic cards will communicate the exact opposite message to friends and family. The official invite to your big day has the power to set the tone of the event, so it’s crucial to put in some thought and fun into its execution! Make use of the Internet (Pinterest) to draw inspiration and settle with a card that is reflective of your personal style. Also, work closely with your designer to ensure great paper quality! Apart from the cards, wedding favours and gift boxes for your trousseau need your attention too!

One of the most significant parts of organising a Pakistani wedding is getting a good caterer on board! We’re a nation of proud foodies and there’s no other occasion we’d rather prove that fact at! If the food at your wedding isn’t up to par, the success rate of your event may be at threat! It’s important to take this fact into consideration and choose a catering service after detailed research. Once you’ve made your choice, you should sit with your caterer and chalk down a lip-smacking menu that is also under your budget.

Event Planner:
Hiring an event manager for your wedding may be the biggest favour you’ll be doing yourself! Not only do they ensure you celebrate the most important days of your life in style, they also save you from tons of stress, which means all you have to do is sit back, relax and take care of yourself!

The dance floor at a mehndi is not merely a place to break loose; it becomes a battlefield between the friends and family of the bride and groom! The synchronised dances at mehndi s are one of the most anticipated parts of every wedding in the country and their execution is taken very seriously. The amount of energy invested into putting these energetic acts together is mindboggling and this is why the mastermind behind the moves, the choreographer, is nothing short of a hero for the fretful bridezella!

Of course no wedding is ever complete without a good DJ! We all need feel good music to set the right mood, which means your
DJ has the power to absolutely make or break your night! Make no compromises when it comes to choosing the right DJ. We love how passionate DJ Butt seems to be about what he does and would thus recommend him to all brides-to-be.

Every bride wants to look her best on her special day. Right before the wedding when all eyes are set on you and there are a thousand things to get done, it is only natural for the jitters to settle in. It is most important however, to drop the stress and assess your beauty routine.

Bridal hairstyles play an important part in shaping the bride’s complete look. This, however, isn’t the only reason why a bride-to-be needs to stay connected with her hairstylist! A proper hair care regime, along with scheduled trimmings are a necessity!

All brides want to be able to look back at their wedding photos and feel just as beautiful and confident, as they did on the day of
their marriage. To that end, brides-to-be must put in a lot of thought into which make-up artist they want to use for her big day.

No amount of make-up, bling or glamorous hairstyles can give you the confidence and look that a lean, healthy body can! It is
important for brides-to-be to learn about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and get invested in a fitness-training program. We suggest TRX suspension training, which helps build your core, flexibility and strength. Zumba is also a super fun way to lose
weight, especially for those who have a hard time eliminating workout boredom!

Once the wedding is over and every one sets back into normal routine, the only tangible thing left behind are the photographs that will be viewed by generations to come. Your wedding photos are what keep the memories of your wedding alive. It is therefore of vital importance that you hire the best photographer possible.

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