5 Signs You Really Care About What People Think Of You

5 Signs You Really Care About What People Think Of You
As humans, it is only natural to care about what others think of you and there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to project a good self-image to the world. That said, when you become obsessive and your thoughts become preoccupied with only what others think about you, it can take a toll on you. The only person who should be able to define yourself is you. If you find yourself to be a victim of any of the below situations, you should think again. Self acceptance and self love is not only important but necessary in a world such as ours. Stop living a life that pleases others and switch it up for one that makes you happy!

1. You judge your performance through other people’s eyes

A long day of hard work where you put in your best should be reason enough to be satisfied. Even if that isn't the case you should be able to acknowledge, accept and evaluate your efforts, accomplishments and any shortcomings you feel need to be addressed. Don't fret over what others may have judged you on throughout your day for there is a very high possibility they didn't even bother wasting their precious time on thinking about you let alone evaluating you. Looking for other's approval may in return affect your performance for the worse.

2. You think too much into others' behaviour

If someone gives you a compliment or cracks a joke, you spend countless minutes and hours thinking about what that could have actually meant. It may have been an honest opinion or a sarcastic comment but wasting your time and finding yourself thinking about it for an excessive amount of time can be harmful for yourself. Take three deep breaths and let go of the 'he said', 'she said'.

3. You have a hard time saying 'no'

Taking on too much load on yourself just because you want to please people and you feel as if you will let them down if you say 'no'? That shouldn't be the case sometimes, biting more than you can chew can get you trapped feeling miserable and being unable to do everything right or as planned leading to disappointment rather than acceptance. Even you do a job right or please everyone by not saying no, is that what you truly want? Would the other person also never say 'no' to you? Think about it.

4. You put yourself last

If you are constantly trying to please everyone, you forget to spend enough time on yourself. This doesn't mean you should be absolutely selfish but it is important you give yourself some time and loving every now and then.

5. You don't give yourself enough credit 

Not being able to stand up for what you worked hard for or letting others take a free ride on your success may mean you are intimidated by them or just trying to please them. It is OK to let others notice when they do but sometimes it can take you a long way especially in a work environment to take ownership for your work.

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