Credits: Wajiha Abdul Samad, Ghania Ali and Khulood Akbari 

More often than not, whenever we pray, we are encompassed by these doubts and questions such as “I am such a sinner, why would my prayers be accepted?”, “will my prayers be accepted?”, “it’s been so long, why isn’t Allah accepting my prayers” and “it seems impossible so should I even pray for it”. By fostering such doubts and hopelessness we forget that Allah’s powers are beyond our comprehension. He is Al Qadir ( The All Powerful) He can make the impossible possible. So if not even leaf moves without his will, what makes us think that he can’t give us what we perceive to be impossible. So it does not permise muslims to dwell on such disheartening thoughts. If you prayed for something and it did not come true, then know that Allah knows what you do not know and He will not forsake you. Maybe what you prayed for was not good for you.

“It may be that you hate something and it is good for you and it may be that you love something and it is bad for you.”

Quran 2:216

Human Being were made to error, its improtant that you realise that you have sinned and repent but it is not wise to give way to self-hatred. Our God is a loving God He is Al-Wadud (The Most Loving, The Origin of Love). God never shuts his doors on his creation who seek Him sincerely. Each new day, is a new opportunity for human beings to embrace God.

“And whoever keeps His duty to God, God will appoint a way out for him.”

Quran 65:02

Our belief that Allah is listening should surpass all our doubts and fears. And if there’s a delay, know that He knows and sees what we cannot so He is protecting us in ways that we our mind can’t envision. Once you have you made dua, leave the rest to Him and you will be surprised at how beautifully things will fold into your favour. It is essential that we observe patience for ‘sabr’ is the central teaching of Islam. We are aware that this life is a test and to face the obstacles patience is required. Having Patience is not about cowardice but a true form of faith and is Sunnah. If we are successfully in maintaining ‘sabr’ and donot give into thought of ‘giving up’ we can face any trail in our path.

“Have patience, then, as had the steadfast Messenegrs before you.”

Quran 46:36

May all prayers be answered and May our faith always be greater than our fears. Ameen.

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