Weddings in Quarantine: 5 Ways You Can Continue Your Wedding Celebrations

Weddings in Quarantine: 5 Ways You Can Continue Your Wedding Celebrations
Wedding Season in Pakistan had just begun and I’m sure there’s a number of you out there who had big plans for their big day! While we understand how downhearted you might be feeling, we also believe that there’s so many ways you can still continue the celebrations without bringing any harm your way. After all, the show must go on!

So here are a few ways you can continue with your wedding celebrations during quarantine.


Play virtual games with your bridal party 

No bride wants to get married without her picture-perfect bridal party and we’ve found a solution for you. Video calls! Get your gal pals to dress up and play games like ‘Guess my age’, ‘Bingo’ and ‘Never Have I ever’.


Work on your moves!

Weddings can take a toll on you especially if your dancing squad isn’t that good! Well now you’ve got time on your hands so why not make the best of it? Choose your favourite songs, find dance videos on YouTube and start working on your moves.


DIY Spa day at home 

Here is everything you need for your perfect spa day at home:

  • Scented candles
  • Honey and oil hair mask 
  • Some cucumbers dipped in sugar water for your eyes. 
  • Lemon extract and honey face mask for exfoliating your skin.

Start by lighting some scented candles to set the mood. Mix honey and oil and apply the mixture to your hair for a soft texture.  Cut round cucumber slices and dip them gently in the water mix. Mix llemon extract with honey and apply it on your hands and face to hydrate your skin. Once done, sit back and relax for 30-40 minutes!


Have a virtual dholki 

Who says you have to sit around a dholak to enjoy some desi songs on the beat? Invite your close friends and relatives and orchestrate a  dholki day. You can even add in a little ‘mehndi competition’ to keep things fun!


Re-work on the last minute nitty-gritties

Start following up on your bookings! Talk to the photographer and keep a backup in case your new dates align with another client. Start buying things we usually remember on the last day, safety-pins, mouth wash, band-aids and candles for your mehndi thaals!

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