Four Healthy Ways To Watch Your Weight During Quarantine

Four Healthy Ways To Watch Your Weight During Quarantine
Lockdown in our homes has its own perks; relaxed mornings, breakfast in bed and new-found time for passion projects, being a few. However, it all appears to go downhill when you find yourself foraying through that second pack of chips, gobbling snacks from the pantry and having mini-breakdowns on the weight scales. Here are what dietitians across the world recommend doing to watch that bulging waistline during this quarantine

Manage Stress-Eating 

Finding comfort in food as you panic-watch the evening news is fairly common. Most of us are cruising through the situation where gyms are shut down, parks are sealed, and we are stressed and reverting easily to overeating. Make it a point to eat nutritionally balanced meals and schedule a time for healthy snacks only while you unwind, for instance as you watch Netflix or play board games with family. 

Be active and mobile 

Doing simple stretching exercises, jogging down the lane near your house or hitting a bicycle to catch some fresh air are some things you can do to keep fit. It also helps to inculcate maximum physical mobility into your everyday routine at home. Walk across your hall as you take that work call, take the stairs as frequently as you can and avoid crashing on the couch after every meal. Incorporate physical movement in your home-quarantine as much as you can. 

 Try Out Diet Plans 

You can use this quarantine as a time to work on your overall improvement and try out diets that you didn’t have the time or discipline to fall through before. Some simple diets to follow include going on a fruit/veggie diet, which doesn’t entail a drastic change into your diet. If following a rigid diet plan is not for you, try making simple and healthy changes into your current meals, for instance cutting out sugars or limiting carb intake. 

Don’t Hoard Food

Because remember if it is in your house, it’s in your mouth. People have been bulk-buying without realizing they are spending more time at home than ever before. This makes it a worrying situation for both your waistline and willpower. Make sure to not stock up on junk food and keep the grocery trips less-frequent and within a budget. And trust us, you need to hold on to that debit card. 


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