The Types Of People In Quarantine

The Types Of People In Quarantine
Everyone could use a little humour at this time. So we came up with a list of SIX hilarious types of people in quarantine  who we’ve found to be embarrassingly accurate! 


Comment below and let us know who you and your friends relate to the most. Enjoy!

THEIR TIME HAS COME- You’ll find them mostly curled up in their bed or lying on the couch. They’re the most responsible. They stay home and clean everything religiously. They always think they’re dying or getting sick, and will continue to deny the fact that they are actually paranoid. They spend their time sleeping or watching television. They tend to disappear but resurface every now and then when they feel the need to share informative articles or are helping a charitable cause. They spend a large amount of time on their phones, either on Social Media or catching up with friends.  


'KUCH NAHI HOTA YAAR’/ NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN- This person goes out often to meet friends with the excuse of ‘social distancing,’ - while also lecturing on how to be cautious. They like to live life dangerously and believe deep inside that no virus or illness can kill them. Their social spirit feel utterly lost during this time. They tend to question everything and are in the constant need for connection. They live for replies; try taking their phone away, and they’ll start questioning their own existence. 


BORN TO BE A MOTHER- This person is perfectly at peace, practically unbothered by anything that’s going on around them. They’re always cleaning and arranging things. They can even get overbearing at times, trying to be useful in every way and making home-made ‘remedies’ from forwarded messages on Whatsapp. There’s really no point in arguing with this one. Their life hasn’t changed much; they don’t understand why anyone would be feeling under the weather for longer than two days during quarantine. Things are almost always straight-forward for them. Life moves on and so do they.  


PAMPERED POOCH- The person who has gone back to their parents’ house or lives with their parents. They just get pampered all day long. Food is served constantly or always within reach. They spend their days with their legs up, reading in the sun. Life has not much changed for them except for the fact that they don’t’ have to work and get to sleep all day long. They enjoy the comfort of their home immensely. While not particularly useful, this person will still make an attempt to learn something new with all the time they have on their hands. Likely the most composed type of person at this time. 


THE OVERNIGHT CHEF- This person, who had previously been least enthusiastic about anything related to a kitchen, is whipping up all kinds of fascinating dishes from French toast for breakfast to lobster pasta for lunch and obviously banana bread for tea-  Oh then let’s throw in Dalgona coffee for good measure. They’ve probably attempted that too. They are quite pleased with themselves and are thriving in the praise raining in from friends and family. Their friends are impressed and also wondering what other talents this person has hidden up their sleeve.


ALL IS NOT LOST- This person is always uploading photos on Social Media, desperate to prove to themselves that their life is still interesting. They are secretly in search of some positivity in their lives since they aren’t taking this whole stay-at-home thing very well. When in doubt, they’ll post throwbacks and pictures of themselves. Some may even go to the extent of posting solo pictures of themselves with a motivational speech attached, to cover up the fact that they need to feel relevant. Keep the likes and compliments coming, thank you!

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