Meet Alkaram's New Creative Director: Ather Hafeez

Meet Alkaram's New Creative Director: Ather Hafeez
Alkaram, the textile and lawn giant, recently announced designer par excellence Ather Hafeez taking the helm at the brand as the new Creative Director. Hafeez’s arrival into the Alkaram empire promises a guarantee of a complete change in the design aesthetics of Alkaram pret and unstitched garments.

Alkaram now has a phenomenal design team comprised of highly skilled and experienced individuals, led by Hafeez himself, a designer whose creativity never fails to impress. The imaginative design guru previously led his own fashion brand and has also served in numerous other premium fashion brands of the country, including Sana Safinaz. Based on his previous work, it can be judged that the latest Alkaram designs will include larger, abstract prints and a minimal use of florals, quite atypical of the current Alkaram aesthetics.  This would be an exciting change for the Alkaram consumers, who belong to a target group that wishes to have a greater choice in their everyday clothing collection.

Currently, Hafeez is in the process of creating a strong differentiation between upcoming Alkaram collections and is trying to bring forth innovative designs to the market whilst keeping the brand heritage alive.

According to the maestro himself,

“Although I have big shoes to fill, I am thrilled to join Alkaram and hopefully, will be able to add more uniqueness to the brand. This is somewhat challenging to do, especially for a brand that is associated with rich history. Having said that, the Alkaram consumer requires peerless designs, that can be worn on a daily basis and that’s what I aim to deliver. I won’t reveal much about the collection, so you’d all just have to stay tuned to find out more about the designs!”

For the past six months, Hafeez and his team have been working tirelessly to create a ground-breaking Spring/Summer collection. Therefore, it is no doubt that consumers would certainly be pleased with Alkaram’s latest designs, which will be something to look forward to.

As a consumer, if you cannot wait to get your hands on Alkaram’s innovatively designed garments, the launch of its Spring/Summer collection is right around the corner and is something you must definitely keep an eye out for!