From dreams to television screens...

When did your first realize you wanted to be an actor?
Performing arts always attracted me since I was a kid. I studied to be a director but I ended up being an actor which I’m loving.

How would you define your experience on the sets of ‘Tere Bin’?
‘Tere Bin’ had a good script, director, amazing fellow actors, plus very strong production. I had a phenomenal working experience.

Can you relate to your character ‘Maryam’ in any way?
‘Maryam’ is normal girl in an extraordinary situation. All she wants is love and care from her mother and other relations but everyone around her is caught up in their own mess. Hira on the other hand, is also very loving, caring and family oriented. So yes, in so many ways I can relate to her.

What was it like working alongside Wahaj Ali? 
Wahaj is an amazing actor, he knows his craft and paradigm of his character. I bet he has preconceived so many scenes but as a fellow actor he gives you the liberty to equally discuss and re-enact your scenes with him.

Any dramas in the pipeline we need to look out for?
Took a break due to Ramadan as it’s the month to heal and have quality family time.

What do you hope to achieve by the end of this year?
Sobriety and challenging characters.

Favourite costar and why?
Farhan Agha - he is wise, accepting and always reminds you of Allah and his sayings.

Three things on your bucket list?
Build my cozy cottage on a mountain; Start a business; Be able to buy a one way ticket.

In short, what can the entertainment industry truly work on?
It creates an illusion of reality…sells emotions. To create new norms while obsoleting old stereotypes.

Lastly, how would you describe yourself in three words?
Headstrong, empathic and spiritual.


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