Half Hour With Areeba Habib

Half Hour With Areeba Habib
On Areeba's love for modelling, her career and the future, read on!

What for you is an ideal shoot situation?

The team I am working with is extremely important. I have learnt to adapt to any situation in this field as long as I am working with competent professionals.

Where is the most unique location you have shot at?

Old Saddar Bazar area when I was shooting for a Telenor commercial – it was alive and buzzing! It was fascinating working in that environment.

Any disaster stories on set?

Once during fashion week, my helper mistakenly dressed me with the outfit in reverse! I was standing at the entrance to step on the ramp when Cybil Chaudhry noticed and rushed me back to change; we had literally 10 seconds to correct the mistake. Thankfully everything went well!

Describe the relationship between you and the camera?

I am extremely relaxed being in front of the camera and find posing for shots very easy. Importantly, I must be comfortable with the photographer to give my best.

An international design house you would like to model for?

Giorgio Armani or Valentino would be a dream come true!

An invaluable individual you’ve met through the industry?

I must give this credit to HSY and Frieha Altaf for their guidance on how to perform on the ramp. HSY has been extremely valuable with his encouragement and advice. Secondly, people like Aunty Maheen and some of my colleague models have all guided me from time to time to reach these heights in the fashion world.

Which emerging designers are you excited about?

I am energised and moved by a few young designers on the takeoff, such as Maheen Taseer, Misha Lakhani, Zara Shahjahan and Rema. I am anxiously waiting to see their great potential.

Lastly, the best advice you’ve received on career?

To concentrate on your own work and give your better than best! All other work will fall into your lap in its own time!

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