Half an Hour With Uzair Jaswal

Half an Hour With Uzair Jaswal

Style, swag and so much swoon, Uzair Jaswal talks future music moves!

Q. As a musician you must appreciate all types of music, what would your fans find surprising about your play list?
I genuinely enjoy most genres of music, but I guess for my fans perhaps the most surprising artist on my playlist would be Rihanna.

Q. How do you discover new music? What’s your go to source?
I don’t really have a go to source. I’ll hear new songs on the radio, my friends will play something in my car or I’ll stumble upon fun tracks on YouTube or SoundCloud.

Q. When you want to change your mood, say from sad to happy, what music do you turn to?
Anything upbeat, and catchy. If I’m dancing I’m in a good mood!

Q. Is there a genre of music you haven’t covered yet that you would want to cover?
I think my music has either been pretty mellow or then within the pop genre. I haven’t really done anything heavy, but I don’t plan to either.

Q. What are your future music plans?
An album is in the works. Music will always be in my past, present, and future.

Q. Any plans of collaborations with your brother (singer and actor Umair Jaswal)?
You’ll have to wait and see.

Q. Your music is... (in 3 words)
‘What you want,’ that’s three words.

Q. Switching gears, tell us a bit about home, why do you live living in Islamabad?
Islamabad is home. It’s where I grew up, and where I made my best memories. But most importantly, it’s where my family is and that’s where I’ll always be happiest.

Q. What’s a secret about Islamabad that gives it an edge above the other cities?
It’s where the grass is green, and the girls are pretty.

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