Navigating Cultural Shifts | Influencer Saman Soomro's Evolution in the World of Content Creation

Navigating Cultural Shifts | Influencer Saman Soomro's Evolution in the World of Content Creation

Introducing Saman, a talented digital influencer whose journey in the world of content creation has been filled with challenges, growth, and inspiring moments. From facing unwanted advice and opinions to making her mark in Dubai after moving from Karachi, Saman has navigated through cultural shifts and emerged as a relatable and authentic creator. In this interview, she shares valuable tips for aspiring content creators, discusses the differences between content creation scenes in Karachi and Dubai, and highlights the impact of her cultural transition on her content. Saman also reveals her favorite experiences as an influencer, emerging trends in the industry, and her future goals and aspirations. Get ready for a behind-the-scenes look into Saman's content creation process and discover what keeps her motivated to consistently produce high-quality content. Join us as we delve into the world of Saman, an influencer who is making a difference and inspiring others along the way. Read on…


1.     Hi Saman! What are some of the challenges you faced when starting your career as an influencer?

I think my biggest challenge was to listen to lots of unwanted advice and opinions. I mean you get annoyed if you get unwanted opinions from your family, I think we get that 24/7 from thousands of random people and I think dealing with that (esp. when you’re already having a bad day) is tough. Another big challenge was making my father understand that I was not ‘modeling’ or ‘acting’ online. I was doing something bigger, and it took me a few years for him to actually understand and approve what I was up to.

2.     How has your transition from Karachi to Dubai influenced your content creation?

I think it’s been more real, more relatable to some extent. My reach has definitely tripled because my content style has evolved a lot. I have more emotions in me now with this move considering I left my life, my family and friends back in Pakistan and this is why the content I make has been more relatable to a lot of people who transitioned in a similar way and moved abroad.

3.     Can you share some tips for aspiring content creators looking to grow their online presence?
1. Be real
2. Be relatable
3. Create what you yourself would want to see online but never lose your own style in the process.

4.     What are some of the biggest differences you've noticed between the content creation scenes in Karachi and Dubai?

In Karachi, Pakistan you’re the boss, you’re more prominent because everyone belongs to the same community. But over here in the UAE, you find all kinds of nationalities with lots of different styles of content creation so there’s definitely lots of competition, and difficult to get brands. But having said that, your content speaks for itself. You keep working hard and you will definitely get recognised.

5.     How has the cultural shift impacted your content and the topics you cover?

As I mentioned, it’s more relatable in terms of Pakistanis/Indians who have moved abroad and started from scratch. Like doing all the house chores and also working outside the house (which is usual all over the world but not so much in Pakistan where we are highly dependent on maids). So, I feel that and then also using subtitles a lot has been a major focus since then because I want to reach a wider audience. 

6.     Can you share some of your favourite moments or experiences as an influencer in Dubai so far?

I think my favourite moment was getting invited to the meetup with Shahrukh Khan for ‘Jawan’, I mean never in your wildest dreams do you think that you would get to see the world’s biggest superstar that too in a private setting…I mean you don’t definitely imagine this as a Pakistani content creator. But having lived that magical moment, I feel it’s been the highlight for me as an influencer in Dubai.

7.     What are some of the trends you see emerging in the world of content creation and influencer marketing?

I feel people are focusing more on the ongoing TikTok trends, short video format and nobody wants to watch those outfit reels that were very popular at one point of time. Now people like watching videos with a creative element, an edge, relatable text and something meaningful. There’s also a huge demand of comedy and funny content because that is something that will always cheer you up at the end of a bad day. I also feel brands are understanding the creators more often, they are more flexible, and they’re coming out of the era of giving out scripts to the creator but instead handing over the creative freedom for them to decide how to go about a campaign.

8.     How do you stay motivated and inspired to consistently produce high-quality content?

it’s difficult to stay motivated for sure. Especially when you have so much on your plate. Like I’m running a business, handling my own house as a home maker and also making sure the blog is active and running. But I create with passion because that is something I absolutely love doing. It’s something that drives me so it’s difficult being lazy about it. I do take breaks, I’m not active all the time but when I post, I make sure it’s something meaningful and motivational to my audience.

9.     What are your future goals and aspirations as a content creator?

My main goal is to give people motivation in any way possible. So, if I talk about my aspiration as a creator then I want this space to grow as a safe space for people to look up to when they’re feeling like giving up, or when they feel like something is going wrong. Because I tend to share my own failures, and how things turned out for me later so that people understand not everything is served on a plate. And whatever happens, happens for the best. 

10.  Can you share some behind-the-scenes insights into your content creation process?

It’s usually me, myself and I (laughs). It usually begins with my creative process where I talk to myself about the idea in my head and write down/record on a voice note and then perfect that into writing to create a script. I also write the kind of shots I want to go with and I plan the music/song in advance too. Then we shoot, either with a tripod, or a videographer depending if it’s a brand video or on my own, and how I want the feel to be. Then comes the edit. I always edit my videos myself. I am never satisfied with anyone’s editing because there’s a vision in my head which I want to bring to life so it just can’t be done by someone else but me!

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