Rapid Fire With Naimal Khawar

Rapid Fire With Naimal Khawar

In our June issue we caught up with the talented actress Naimal Khawar who talked about her acting career, her love for art and painting and her plans for the future. And as always, we played a quick round of rapid fire.

What is the one thing that you most look forward to every day?

These days, Iftar time.

What was your most embarrassing or funny memory from your teen years?

The one time I went to a gathering with my shirt’s tag on

What’s your latest obsession?

Cropped denims!

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Al Pacino in the 1980’s. Always and forever.

What do you prefer for makeup?

For everyday life, the less the better. A lip and cheek tint.

What’s your biggest asset?

My family.

Favourite Social Media app?


An overused hashtag you’d never use?


A millennial you’d like to swap life with for a day?


The newest word you added to your vocabulary?

Parallel universe. That is two words but I tend to use it a lot lately to the point where my friends get annoyed.

One thing in a person that impresses you?


Make-Up Artist:Fajr Altaf (IG-Bella Beauty)

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