Authored By Adeen Khawar, Edited By Reham Aslam

Motherhood, sacrosanct mystery, is best understood as the art of nurturing and loving someone from the deepest corner of the heart without expecting anything in return for it. It goes far beyond biological connections - practically a gift of God for children! 

Some newly made desi moms within Pakistan’s media industry have set worthwhile examples - with their baby struggles and successes - for all. We noticed some struggling to balance baby care with their careers yet persevering to put up their picture perfect personas. 

As such, Iqra Aziz, recently uploaded a vlog on YouTube sharing her busy routine with her new born Kabir Hussain. Our favourite KHUDA AUR MUHABBAT actress got a bit emotional and teary eyed saying, “Sometimes things get way too difficult, it’s tiring and upsetting and this is motherhood. There are emotions and lots of other things but it’s most certainly not easy.” 

Sarah khan and Falak Shabir were also blessed with a beautiful baby girl – Alyana Falak, who’s just absolutely adorable, might we add. Both the parents showed their baby girl’s small room and closet that they together decorated. For Khan, things appear to be easier managed hence showcasing another experience of motherhood. In her recent Instagram post Khan mentioned, “ I'm proud of many things in life but being a mother; mama loves you little munchkin.” 

In another varied manifestation of motherhood, Syra Yousuf serves as a great example of a co-parenting mother. In an interview, Syra recently mentioned how she has immense support from her parents, other family members and her ex-husband Shahroz. She also said: “ Shahroz and I make sure that we co-parent Nooreh.

Meanwhile, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari , daughter of Asif Ali Zardari has recently been blessed with a baby boy, Mir Hakim Mahmood Choudhry. Ghana Ali, on the other hand, gave birth to a baby girl, Faija Umair. We look forward to seeing what these new mommies have in store for Motherhood 101.

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