5 Types Of People on 14th August

5 Types Of People on 14th August

Most Isloo peeps (very honestly speaking) just chill around at home, enjoy the holiday, spend time with their family and closest friends, maybe catch up on some super important pending work (TV shows count too). Maybe that one super ‘It Aunty’ decides to throw a posh tea party in her back garden or by the pool-and invites everyone over- so everyone from her circle has something to do for a couple of hours. I usually spend the day in my PJs, relish the unwinding session. Catching up on my favourite TV shows or reading a book I’ve been meaning to read for a long time. Maybe ask a friend or two to come over and bake cookies and talk about silly stuff.

Mind you - everyone is not the same..

Here are the 5 types of people on 14th August

1) The Patriotic Lion

Picture a 20-year-old wearing a Pakistan flag themed shirt, with his face painted green and white  or a green bandana on his forehead, with a life size Pakistan flag glued onto the bonnet of his car and little mini flags fringing his windscreens AND more flags randomly sticking out of the back windows. His fellow patriotic brothers sticking out of the side windows of a jam packed car, with Dil Dil Pakistan blasting on the radio or more realistically Gadi saadi beh ja nee chitee ay by Imran Khan.

2) The Lazy Duck

Can't be bothered to get of the sofa even to get a soda from the fridge “ami! pepsi la day”. Will watch TV shows all day and complain about the noise the neighbours kids make with their patakay and jashan-e-yom-e-azadi! will also whine about how the celebrations are too mainstream and overhyped. Probably secretly wishes- the India/Pakistan separation never happened.

3) The Onlookers

Perched on the borders of pavements (sitting in indian toilet style) with their white naray on display, silly grins smeared across their faces, with their early 2000 style phones pressed next to their ears (should I just Q-mobile here instead?? or is that branding????)-pretending to be talking to their buddies just for the sake of style. They can just sit there all day long enjoying the atmosphere, because they have nothing better to be doing in their lives anyway. These people love staring- just for observing purposes but it is SO annoying. On 14th August even.

4) The cool gals

“Ew his hair is so oily”, “Whats up with the man cleavage?”,  “Did you see his… ” They have something mean to say about everything and everyone. You can’t sit with them! (Mean Girls reference). These are the girls who will go to the bazaars because their younger siblings want to go to get more patakay. They will be dressed in the most up to date style trends and are the definition of true snobs.

5) The Private Crowd

These are the people who usually just call their closest group of friends over to have a relaxed, chilled out evening at home. They’ll probably order pizza, screen a movie, have a BBQ (If the weather permits it), or maybe just get their cooks to prepare a grand dinner for everyone. These people are very laid back and like to keep to themselves.

Which one are you? Tell us how you are celebrating Independence Day in the comments below.

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