3 Reasons Why Pampering Yourself At Home’s Better Than Going To A Parlour

3 Reasons Why Pampering Yourself At Home’s Better Than Going To A Parlour

Going to the parlour’s as part of your monthly self-care ritual? It gives you the perfect chance to unwind and let your hair down after the daily grind. But with the fear of an imminent third wave of the coronavirus looming over our heads pampering yourself at home is a much better idea!

No More Unsolicited Advice

Raise your hands if you’ve ever been subjected to a barrage of unwelcomed advice from the parlor wali aunty.  Comments like “Beta, look at your hair they’re so brittle. Tch tch” or “Uh-oh your skin has become tan!” coupled with some disapproving looks probably welcome you as you go through the doors of the parlor. 

So, save yourself from those verbal attacks by pampering yourself at home. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to shower a little self-love at yourself. Cause girl, you deserve it!

Safe & Stress-Free Environment

After a difficult week at work, you deserve to let all your exhaustion and disappointment wash away as you indulge in a pampering session at the parlor. But public places are the hotspots for coronavirus. And, the last thing you want is the never-ending worry of being exposed to the virus. After all, nothing ruins me time faster, than the thought of falling sick!

Bid this unnecessary stress goodbye. Instead, plan for some self-pampering at home. Whip up a DIY hair mask in the kitchen or give your aching feet the massage that they deserve all in a safe and stress-free environment.


Hygienic All The Way!

Maybe you cringe every time you see the same hot wax being reused. Or, perhaps you’re mortified when they use the one time use wax applicator on at least ten clients. Either way, in a parlour packed with clients it’s easy for basic hygiene principles to get overlooked, especially when it comes to hair removal methods. 

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