Remembering Tupac On His 20th Death Anniversary

Remembering Tupac On His 20th Death Anniversary
Tupac Shakur wasn't just a rapper. He was also an actor, poet and a powerful speaker who did everything with an unmatched sense of passion. He was the most influential artist the world has ever known. Remembering Tupac on the 20th anniversary of his death, here are 10 quotes by him that will change your world.

  1. "If you can make it through the night, there’s a brighter day."
  2. "During your life, never stop dreaming. No one can take away your dreams."
  3. "Behind every sweet smile, there is a bitter sadness that no one can see and feel."
  4. “A coward dies a thousand deaths… a soldier dies but once.”
  5. “My mama always used to tell me: ‘If you can’t find somethin’ to live for, you best find somethin’ to die for.”
  6. “I believe that everything you do bad comes back to you. So everything that I do that’s bad, I’m gonna suffer for it. But in my heart, I believe what I’m doing is right. So I feel like I’m going to heaven.”
  7. "I'm not saying I’m gonna rule the world or I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee you that I will spark the brain that will change the world."
  8. “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive. Never surrender.”
  9. “You're right.I am crazy. But you know what else? I don't give a fuck.”
  10. “I know it seems hard sometimes but remember one thing. Through every dark night, there's a bright day after that. So no matter how hard it get, stick your chest out, keep ya head up.... and handle it.”

Can you add to the list? 

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