Right now we are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, and there are some things that are the staples of Ramadan. Even though Ramadan is a religious occasion, there are some things that are culturally connected to the occasion.


None of us can forget the samosa-making parties we all had a few days before Ramadan started. The whole family was trying to make the perfect meat-filled triangle, and while we all struggled, our mothers made them perfectly. The samosa-making parties are fun family gatherings. These parties almost feel like the passageway to Ramadan at this point.



Ramadan was easier when we were kids, but we also felt like outcasts in our own homes at times. As kids, we couldn't run and were usually the lab rats in the house. Constantly tasting all the dishes and drinks but at times, we also want to join in on the fun and decide to fast. First of all, getting your mom to agree takes a lot of time, but kids can be very persuasive. So we usually end up doing "the chidi Roza", which is when kids break their fasts after a few hours and do not fast for the whole day. We all loved fasting like this as kids, but as we got older, we always wanted to feel grown-up and keep a full fast even if we couldn't handle it.



It's no secret that Sehri is one of the most fun parts of the day. It was filled with parathas and fun conversations. Sehri is where we all catch up with each other, talk about our days and just have fun conversations in general. In normal life, we might not be able to sit down and eat together, but in Ramadan, we get to do just that. Not to mention, Sehri is also filled with that one person who woke up late and is trying to eat at a record speed as well as everybody just chugging water. Also, we can never forget the pre-Sehri cricket matches that happen all over Pakistan in Ramadan, almost like a ritual.



This is not really the most fun part of Ramadan, but most of the time it is there and we all have to somehow study. A lot of the time, it feels like the most painful moment of Ramadan, but somehow, it is still fun to group study with your friends. Everybody was trying to figure out their routines and laughing at their situations. Exams and school might not be the most fun parts of Ramadan, but they have their own thrill. When we go to school in Ramadan, we get to fast with our friends, and when we have exams, we get to relate with our friends and have fun together.


Now, this is one of the best parts of Ramadan. The last ten to fifteen days, especially those spent on shopping and prepping for Eid. If you are thinking about all the Dawats and you do not like your extended family, then you probably spend your days loathing the family meetings. But oh well! Eid is also about money and looking good. Sometimes the shopping and planning for Eid can be more fun than the holiday itself.

These are not all the elements of Ramadan, but these are a few memorable elements that I believe to be a part of every Ramadan. Ramadan is made memorable and fun by these things, aside from all of its other beautiful elements.

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