Interview With Renowned Pakistani-Canadian CEO, Muneeb Mushtaq

Interview With Renowned Pakistani-Canadian CEO, Muneeb Mushtaq
Canadian-Pakistani businessman, 29-year-old  Muneeb Mushtaq built and sold his first tech company while he was graduating from University of Toronto at the age of 22. Muneeb Mushtaq, along with his brother, Nabeel Mushtaq have co-founded three successful tech companies so far. 

He is currently the CEO of Canadian based AskforTask ( and Airzai ( His latest venture Airzai has invented a patent-pending smart home fragrance diffuser called AROMA. The fragrances are Swiss made and premium. This product is set to replace the premium candles category like Jo Malone and other essential oil diffusers in one’s home. 

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken the world by storm, Muneeb Mushtaq decided to utilize his company’s expertise and resources to develop a product that can help in preventing the virus. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the coronavirus is airborne anywhere from three to eight hours (source: Due to this, Muneeb Mushtaq and his team of researchers have developed the world’s first, patent-pending ‘Air Sanitizer’—an air disinfectant that helps in killing the surrounding bacteria.

 The AIRZAI Care Air Sanitizer not only helps in killing bacteria in the air but also leaves a phenomenal aroma and most importantly helps in uplifting the mood as it contains natural ingredients such as lemon, basil and more. Airzai has introduced a line of products called AIRZAI Care that includes Air Sanitizer as well as Hand Sanitizer. Due to the popular demand of this product, Muneeb Mushtaq has recently announced an opening of a new production facility in Houston, TX creating over 100 new jobs (source:

Currently only shipping to North America, Muneeb Mushtaq is hoping and looking forward to bringing this valuable product to Pakistan as well. He is also pledging to donate a sizable quantity of these products to the PM’s coronavirus relief fund set up by Prime Minister Imran Khan and make them available to the frontline health workers in the country. 

Aside from running a business, Muneeb Mushtaq is also devoted to taking time from his busy schedule and giving back on Social Media to motivate, educate and mentor people to be successful in life. He is particularly passionate about bringing his learning and knowledge in building business to aspiring entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

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