London's Beauty Guru; Yasmin Karimi

London's Beauty Guru; Yasmin Karimi

On business, style and fame -  read below for a one on one with our beauty powerhouse, Yasmin Karimi. 

What inspired you in the first place to launch your own range of oils?

All of the credit for the organic and holistic nature of my product ranges is attributed to my heritage, being Pakistani myself. Women in South Asia have been creating natural and fully functional beauty products for thousands of years now. Thinking about this is mind blowing given much of the west was still in a deep slumber when it came to beauty regimes. In a culture where the common belief is that the essence of a woman’s beauty is captured by her hair, creating a beautiful product with naturally sourced ingredients for all women to use has greatly inspired me. The natural progression would be to include these oils in other product formats. I’ve always had strong ambition and drive. However, putting the needs of all women came first - my passion is to make women feel good and equip them with that inner strength which leads to outer beauty and confidence.

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Your Snapchat is evidence to Selfridges being one of your favourite places in London; what excites you the most when you walk into a store?

The ambience and the energy of a store is very important to me. With the weather in London being questionable most of the time, I think consideration to lighting is particularly important which helps lift moods and also helps to show case products. I feel inspired by a range of products and not just beauty. Therefore, the overall look and feel of a store is particularly important. Finally, shopping in any retail environment is and should be a personal experience so easy to approach and friendly staff is always welcome! I feel Selfridges ticks all these boxes and you bump into friends, family and fans here which is always great!

What does Yasmin Karimi regularly do to maintain such beautiful skin & physique? Do you believe in the phrase ‘Eat healthy, Eat Green’?

I wish I could be so much more disciplined when it comes to my diet and hitting the gym! I don’t like being trapped in a gym for prolonged periods of time, so I prefer to swim and walk as much as possible. With London being such a walker’s city, I find myself on my feet all the time! Stress also helps. I love and appreciate all types of food from burgers to steak and dessert, but when I see the pounds piling, I replace my meals with fruit and vegetable juices, which are delicious and filling.

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How different is starring on television (Desi Rascals) to Vlogging on YouTube? Do you have to focus on your styling/ makeup more than the usual?

When you’re on TV, especially on reality TV, you need to pay extra attention to your hair and make-up – I always try and ensure that my make-up is immaculate. With the TV being structured reality drama, I always ensure I’m careful with what I wear, as there are so many young girls that are being influenced by what I’m wearing – I always ask myself the question ‘What would my Mum think of what I’m wearing?’ and that keeps me grounded. Youtube and vlogging is an insight into my real life so I like to be as chilled and be as much as myself as possible. At the end of the day, I have control over what I do and don’t upload.

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What is the one thing that was/is in fashion but you find highly absurd?

When crop tops first came into fashion, I found the whole trend questionable. However, I think they can be fun and appropriate depending on your company. If I’m going to a girl friend’s mehndi or dholki or having a girls dinner, why not? It is possible to pull this look off in a chic and classy way. I think the secret is not to reveal your navel and not show too much skin and I think it’s very important to dress for your body type.

Many of your fans absolutely love you in Eastern wear; who are your favourite Eastern wear designers ?

I was once the face of Zehra Saleem and she’s now one of my closet friends - I absolutely love her designs and adore her style, she really is timeless! Another favourite go to designer is Élan – the designs are breathtakingly beautiful and the detail and embroidery is simply exceptional. Another designer I absolutely adore has to be Sabyasachi Mukherji – his vision is next to none and his shows are theatrical pieces of art! To work with him would be a dream come true!

Who are your two style inspirations?

I would have to say Olivia Palermo and Sonam Kapoor – style is an area I’m keen to concentrate on over the next 18 months and these two girls always leave me in awe! I love the way they’re both not afraid of expressing themselves through fashion and love the eclectic risks they take - most of the time they pay off! I would love for my style to be considered on par with theirs so watch this space!

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