Touch of Exotic Virtuosity: Saadia Mirza’s Latest Collection

Touch of Exotic Virtuosity: Saadia Mirza’s Latest Collection
The latest collection by Saadia Mirza, the versatile ace designer, brings forward a unique blend of extravagance that signifies the opulence and grace in every piece. This year the creative powerhouse put together a dynamic collection named Enchanté that is exclusively designed to enchant the wearer with its elegance. The limited edition luxury unstitched collection is the perfect fit for any upcoming occasions for all the ladies out there who are looking for something new this season.

The most enthralling thing that captured our interest in this collection is the exceptional assortment of immaculate detailing used along with captivating color palettes. This is something that really has uplifted the whole collection overall and the mix of vibrant colors along with timeless silhouettes depicts true craftsmanship. Each piece in the collection has been designed intricately while taking into consideration the taste of modern women into account, who want their ensembles to be capable of retaining an aura of finesse and tradition.

Saadia Mirza has been true to her philosophy with this collection and drawn on elements consisting of indulgence, delicacy and affordability. With soaring prices, having the opportunity to such luxury that promises to deliver refinement with affordable prices is undeniably incredible. Enchanté has reinvented couture with its striking use of heavy fabrics that display intricate multi-dimensional embroidery along with classic 3D embellishing that create pulsating visuals.

The whole collection uses a combination of different fabrics such as net, silk, rawsilk, velvet and meysui fabric that play along with heavy elaborations created from various techniques including tassel drafting, hand painted accessories and deep intricate cutwork. What further brings life to this collection is the contrast of different color tones that include hues of light golds, blues, cream, pastels, bold magentas and prominent blacks. Saadia Mirza Couture has illustrated a rare tale of ethnicity along with classic artisanship with this formal unstitched collection.

One thing that really makes the collection outstanding is the simplicity in each ensemble and the best part is that each piece can be stitched according to your own will desire. For us Echanaté is a full package that includes poise, subtlety and luxury hence helping it secure a top spot in our favorites list.