The 'Spiderman Homecoming' Trailer Is Out and Here Is What To Expect

The 'Spiderman Homecoming' Trailer Is Out and Here Is What To Expect
Sony's Columbia Productions and Marvel Studios have recently launched the trailer for  Spiderman: Homecoming and it looks like everything you would want from a Spiderman movie!

You know the story: Peter Parker saves the world—but in Spider-Man: Homecoming, he’s still just a kid. The trailer reveal reminds its audience that unlike other Avengers, Parker (played by Tom Holland) is still juggling through things like lunch room politics and homework with the life of a superhero. The two-minute trailer introduces a new villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Vulture (played by Michael Keaton), and a sequence that follows after Captain America: Civil War. Robert Downey Jr. makes an appearance as Tony Stark and Disney icon Zendaya also stars.

Unlike more mature versions of the character, this latest Spidey is barely out of his teens, therefore we don't expect an intense romance this time around!

The trailer itself promises the right balance of action and Tom Holland's quips, proving yet again he is the best choice for Peter Parker.

Spiderman: Homecoming is set to go on floors in July 2017.