5 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Look So Much Better And Comfier

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Look So Much Better And Comfier
Trying to give your home a quick, cheap makeover? Avoid making these frequently made design mistakes that can make your home look rather outdated, dull and boring.

1. Get bigger and better art

The size of the art hung up on the walls matters. No doubt, it maybe one of your grandchild's first hand print framed for display but at least get the size right. Putting out a small, painting or two on a huge bare wall is definitely a NO! It is distracting, unpleasing and unworthy of being called art. Put up a piece of art covering or taking up most of the space that it is placed on.

2. Use the right kind of colour for your wood

Too dark or light or a mix match does not always work well. Use a brown that blends in well with the floor, doors, window panels and lastly your furniture. Do not have wooden everything as that may just give your home a cosy cabin look but not a classy homey look. In simpler words, go for natural looking wood.

3. Go for a nice looking sofa

Do not compromise on your sofa. This in no way means that you should invest your life savings on a sofa that will probably be destroyed after a few late night snacking sessions, rather, go for the right one. Go for a more subtle, simple, high quality fabric, straight legg-ed sofa with cushions that are stuffed just right!

4. Hang your curtains high

Hang your curtains high - the higher the better. This makes visually one hell of a difference. It is as simple as that - hang them high! (third time in one sentence - hope you get the message!)

5. Get the size of the rug right

Getting the size and colour of the rug is absolutely essential. This can make or break your entire room. Add a pop of colour or keep it neat by adding a rug that is able to fit proportionately under the coffee table - measure it and make sure there is enough space on either size of the room. A small rug floating in a room

(serving no purpose) may also look great but it is super hard to get that right, so might as well go for one that fits!

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