Home Meets STYLE! The Predictions Are In—These Are the Biggest Home Décor Trends of 2018

Home Meets STYLE! The Predictions Are In—These Are the Biggest Home Décor Trends of 2018
While we may want our homes to feel timeless and our décor to last forever, there's no denying that trends play a large role in our decorating process. Dolmen Mall Clifton home to one of largest home furnishing destinations organized Home Meets Style Event from 18th till 24th April and it’s all about reinventing your home.

At Home Meets Style, it is all about styling your home with some of the best imaginative brand displays and furniture pieces that are affordable and intriguing. From statement flooring, to Crafty Arts here are the next big trends on the rise for 2018—which ones will you adopt?

Statement Floors

Forget statement walls, 2018 is all about statement and minimalistic statement floors. Wooden floors at Dolmen Mall are easily available at Interwood and Habitt. Experts are saying that statement floors are also a great way to make a small room pop without adding clutter.”

Crafty Art

In a world where majority of furniture pieces are mass produced we are seeing a lot of handmade products back into the market. We are lucky that Pakistan has such great selection of crafty and edgy distinct products. Check out East West Connections, Afghan Carpets, Object and so many other unique brands all under one roof at Dolmen Mall.

Meditation gardens

Wellness isn’t a trend it’s a lifestyle that creates a positive impact on our lives. Meditating outdoors keeps you calm and relaxed A garden with a hammock, simple chairs, table and a colorful umbrella is all we need to promote serenity. Karachiites are lucky enough to enjoy a cooler outdoor space and a long spring season and Dolmen Mall now has signature photo-worthy outdoor furniture available at Habitt, Home and Style and Interwood. The best idea is to mix it up with great home textile prints offered by Gul Ahmed and Khaadi.

Minimalistic Bedrooms

If you embrace a “less is more” outlook, if simplicity calms you down and if you do not like oversized carvings a minimalistic bedroom is your decorating style. Despite common misconception, minimalism doesn’t have to mean a bleak, lifeless room. These days the real modern girl prefers simple wooden bedroom furniture mixed vibrant décor. Check out Index, Habitt, Interwood for bedroom furniture and do not forget about lamps, picture frames and great cushions to add a little funk!

In addition to the exhibit Dolmen Mall also celebrated Earth Day by hosting ‘plant a tree’ drive by giving free plants to mall customers.

If you haven’t visited the Home Meets Style at Dolmen Mall Clifton yet, visit it today as it’s the last day of the exhibition and do not miss out on the superb collections which can enhance your household. At Dolmen Mall ‘it’s all about redesigning, redecorating and being responsible to our planet’!


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