7 Struggles Every Pakistani Girl Can Relate To At A Salon

7 Struggles Every Pakistani Girl Can Relate To At A Salon
For us Pakistani girls and we are sure each one of you at one point has gone through the misery, (read ironic) at being trapped in a salon as the ghostly ladies with long hair and painted nails approach you and make you feel trapped. Though, salons are meant to be a luxury, an escape from the daily struggles, each one of us at some point dreads going to one and here's why! 

1. No one is there to educate you about the services

Salon girls assume that it is your rightful duty to have researched or just know about the billion types of services that are offered. So you sit there and opt for the most basic one that you can recall at the top of your mind because you don't want to sound like a total noob. You miss out on all the cool deals and realise later when you glance at the measly chalkboard in the corner but it is way too late and you want to dig a hole and hide in it forever, yet you don't ask.

2. Dying to know the price because you have a budget but too embarrassed to ask

They will lure you into the most irresistible treatments such as a quick power dose before your blow dry or a fancy, shiny polish to sparkle your toes, though you fall for it you can't do anything but mentally calculate your total bill. You had promised yourself you would save up this month but you make some absurd justifications in your head like you won't eat out the whole week and succumb to their tempting offers. You feel ashamed to ask the total bill and sit there dumbfounded hoping for a miracle!

3. Chatty Ladies

They love to gossip and find a connection. Yes, it is a small world but must you know every young, petite framed girl that walks into the salon? They will talk about everyone shamelessly and frown upon you for not contributing to their gossip sessions while they have bruises on their knees for you - probably while giving you a pedicure and if you're really unlucky while waxing you!

4. Relax? An oxymoron 

They will tell you to forget about all your worries in the world and relax while giving you an oil massage. However, it is barely relaxing when the gown is falling constantly and the blow driers and going off and every five minutes she is asking you to move or bend over or if the pressure of the massage is OK. Seriously?

5. The “Baji, aapnay last time haircut/threading/waxing/dye kahan se karaya tha?” 

Of course they want to know it all. For no reason at all, they want to know. And they will look down upon it and pass a catty remark - never a oh it looks so good. To mess with them, just pretend like you didn't hear that question at all and get on an "important phone call"!

6. Getting your hair done completely wrong! 

You can never get the exact colour of highlights or hairstyle that you have always dreamt of! Forget about it - enough said because they will convince you that the three shades lighter hair dye is the exact same as the picture you have procrastinated and clung on to so close for months.

7. The confusing part where you don't know how much to tip

Yeah, that is super confusing!

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