Salon Alert! Nadia Hussain Salon and Clinic Is The Only One of Its Kind

Salon Alert! Nadia Hussain Salon and Clinic Is The Only One of Its Kind
A renowned fashion model, Nadia Hussain is one sought after name in the beauty industry. Being an ambassador of L’Oreal Pakistan Nadia Hussain has been contributing greatly towards the beauty industry also in the form of her own beauty salon and clinic called Nadia Hussain Salon and Clinic.

Simply a wonder woman; Nadia Hussain has never failed to make her fans awestruck by her performance not only as a model, but also as an entrepreneur and a mother. A mother of four adorable children Nadia Hussain juggles seamlessly between her entrepreneurial and fashion career. She is a dentist, a famed model, an outstanding designer and a beauty expert.

Nadia Hussain Salon and Clinic launched in July 2014, deals in all kinds of beauty services along with dental and aesthetic procedures. Providing premium quality services and treatments is the top priority of the team at Nadia Hussain Salon and Clinic. The hygienic environment and equipment, top quality branded products, exemplary services and highly trained staff at Nadia Hussain Salon and Clinic ensures that every customer gets optimum value for money.


When it comes to beauty and fashion, perfection is of utmost importance and something that Nadia cannot compromise on. Experienced in bridal makeup, dental treatments, aesthetic procedures and exceptional hair care Nadia Hussain Salon & Clinic takes pride in bringing a smile to its customers. Dental treatments at the clinic are managed under a separate team of qualified dentists.

However, being a beauty ambassador and a glamour enthusiast at the same time Nadia personally attends to sessions that focus on aesthetic procedures or bridal makeup.


Nadia strongly believes that it is important to look your best at all times, since according to her appearance is what boosts confidence. Nadia has mastered her makeup skills exceptionally well and is equipped to enhance a subject for both traditional bridal looks and high fashion appeal. With her remarkable presence at Bridal Asia, Nadia is known to not only portray a bridal feel flawlessly as a subject but also present it as an artist. Using the nature’s canvases, she magically creates a collaboration of conventional style with a tinge of upbeat shades to make any subject look outstandingly unique and intriguing.

Here are some looks that Nadia has created incorporating both soft and bright colours that are suitable for both weddings and party makeup looks.





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